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  1. thanks for all the help, have ended up with a moth, decided to go all out
  2. Hi all, I have just sold my Finn and am looking for something with a bit more zip, I sail on the solent UK and at farmoor reservoir (also UK) so a mix of inland and sea, I have a contender currently but I am not the biggest fan of trapeze boats, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for boats? i'm 17, 5ft11 and about 95Kg - I'm currently thinking maybe RS300? I have experience sailing IC's, Lasers and fireflys. thanks. **PS** must be fast and reasonably challenging, I'm looking to race not cruise
  3. Hi all, I am the current owner of Finn GBR 69, the boat is in lovely condition and is a boat of good pedigree, I have documents from all of her previous owners and registrations including the original owner Luca Devoti who modifeid the original Vanguard hull as a prototype for his original Devoti hull moulds. However, The mast fitting on the deck is buggered (my fault) and I dont have the funds or expertise to fix it or buy a new one - she has a rather buggered carbon mast and a good needlespar red tip aluminum one and three sails - one for training, one for club racing and one for compet
  4. no probs, i'd aim for one with the hard chines for that little bit of extra performance and stability, plus can be single handed very easily
  5. I reckon you'd be well off with a Gull, hull weight of 80kg with a moderate sail are (main and jib) and a small symmetric spinnaker for when you get more adventurous. plus there temds to be pockets of good class racing, not overly expensive either
  6. Hi all, can't seem to find a rigging manual for the Finn dinghy, need to know how to rig the outhaul, inhaul, downhaul and the lever kicker. Pictures or descriptions would be brilliant, my boat is a 1986 vanguard originally owned and modified by Luca Devoti
  7. Hi everyone, Haven't checked in a while but i'm glad to see all the great response to my question, I decided in the end to get an IC and thoroughly enjoying it, many thanks everyone
  8. Hi Alan, Here I am checking back in, I'm currently considering the finn and IC (perhaps the straight board A-Cat) and will have to wait until the virus is over to go on a test sail but am currently favouring the IC, as to joining as a crew for a 505 or the like, I simply can't make that commitment to a helm due to my attendance of a full time boarding school, so I can only sail during the holidays on my own or the local club on the two open weekends i get a term. Also if I do decide to take the IC route does anyone know of any plans / kits (excluding machetes as I know of these alre
  9. Hi WCB, it's not just size it's a medical problem which affects my ability to get under the boom (similar effect to mild arthritis but caused by different things), it's stated in my OP
  10. So far I've been thinking possibly OK, IC or Finn? what do you guys think?
  11. Hi all, I am 16, 5ft11 and weigh c.93kg (205lbs), I am heavy but not fat (I'm not a beefcake either), I currently sail a laser but find I am under powered until it hits about 12-14knts. I sail in the solent (UK) so I have lots of sea-room and considerable sea states at times. I have been sailing for about 8 years and do so at national regattas with my school sailing team so have some experience. The problem I have with the laser is a lack of room and power (I have a problem that restricts my "gymnastic ability" so I struggle to contort myself to fit under the boom without being in pain f
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