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  1. Well I guess that's what I get for listening to some goofy old guy on youtube:
  2. S&S designed Yankee 38, later built as the Swan 38 with a different deck/cabin. I love the sleek little companionway dodger on this one.
  3. I've had a magic marine pro for several years, its only seen light use but has held up well and seems to be well made. I think the thigh strap style of the mm would run a lower risk of tangling with the wedding tackle than the zhik style.
  4. Looks like a 2.4mR to me
  5. Yes he might have, but do we have any reason to believe he ever did? Was he a nudiste? What frenchie isn't I suppose...
  6. Fair warning, its a huge west marine. Went in for some fasteners and an eyestrap, came out with a $300 receipt and a membership account
  7. Bull, why don't you just give us your The Economist login info and we can cut out the middleman? I've been listening to their podcasts religiously for about the past year. I think their sober, informative, and balanced brand of journalism has kept me on a much more even keel mentally than if I kept up with some more, lets say, sensational news sources.
  8. looks like a scaled up footy with that big honkin' sprit
  9. The longer I look, the more I'm convinced its some kind of optical illusion
  10. So I regularly spend hours drooling over Swan 44 mkii listings, dreaming of sailing around the world and ritzy regatta circuits. The appeals are obvious, fast, pretty, pedigreed and built like a tank with a beautifully finished teak cabin. But, and I say this without having ever sailed on either boat, the C&C 44 has pretty much the same layout, weighs 5000lbs less, rates faster, all around better performance indicators, still a handsome well built boat from a reputable yard, for about 1/3 the scratch.
  11. Porsche's EV, the Taycan, uses a two speed gearbox for better efficiency and high speed acceleration
  12. Rosina is back up for sale on the classifieds page, same place/listing/pictures/price as before. Has the damage from the beaching been repaired? I'm in no position to make an offer and have no idea the extent of the damage but it looks like a whole lot of beautiful boat for the money.
  13. Its happening. Right now. Anyone there with eyes on the action? Results so far show inconsistent scores across the board. The highlight so far (though I am biased) is NC State with a bullet in B division. Scores
  14. When really overpowered in the laser, best practice, if you can pull it off, is to raise the board 1"-2", ease the main and bear off as much as you need to keep the boat flat and the tell tales happy. It's quite difficult to get right and I wouldn't say I'm good at it, but in my experience it is faster than pinching, especially if there's much chop. I think I'm probably too light to get on a plane doing this, but I wouldn't be surprised if a talented big guy in good shape (eg - olympian) could make it happen in 20-25+.
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