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  1. https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/davidson-34-3-4-tonner/277152
  2. An affront and abomination in the eyes of the Composites and Paint industries?
  3. Mighta known Lucas would have a part number for that…Lol I wonder if any Matches,Lighters,battery manufacturers ect “spread bet” by also investing in the Fire extinguisher market?
  4. Since time began humans have created smoke and fire. Whether that be Neanderthals with wood,stone/flint, Pensioners with Electric blankets and heaters or Teens With hairdriers and hair straighteners for the females and Zero lube penises and porn for the males… Lithium is but another evolutionary paragraph in humanities endless quest to master the hypnotic flame And ‘Bang for buck’ DC. All i know is once the smoke escapes the boxes or wires, theres no putting it back in.
  5. I’ve switched solely(for small parts up to the size of motorcycle tanks and fenders and auto repairs etc)to using HB BODY C496 2K clear…. No activator on cans, pick it up, use it, put it back in the cupboard…. Lasts until the rattle can rusts out on the shelf. Stuff goes on easy, levels well, dries super fast and seems to last well in UV, shines up even the most stubborn of turds.
  6. Interesting article, cheers for posting that.
  7. Kroten/AC Gybe2 for me, they have been great on wet decks,roads,rocks or reefs.
  8. The piece has art critics, Gallery owners and nipple pervs going Tit for tat over whether its supposed to be an interactive art installation or not……….
  9. Hmm, The shiny wet look of glazed ceramic lacks the warmth the sites new owners bring with their exclusive composite Areolas… :-) @MauiPunter what image search yielded that much nipplage man!? :-D
  10. Never heard of that vessel. Qatari owned? Better looking name than ‘Sailing vessel A’ (or is it just “A”?) though.
  11. Has the site been sold to a Dubai based firm with an interest in Composite areolas?
  12. Rumour has it all these yachts will be eventually running on Oil from USA since USA is importing record amounts of Russian oil daily. Rather than upping domestic or Canadian oil production & imports the USA have decided to raise the daily amounts imported from Russia and negotiate with Iran for more oil also. “Embargo's” & seizures are a publicity stunt.
  13. Do they run powered winches or grinders on those things? Also what kinda coax they run on their antennas? (well done on the new job)
  14. Cancelation.. Interesting alternative to those so inclined and endowed with vessel and coins..: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/the-mariner/id1502504465?i=1000550704422
  15. Thank goodness the entire deck area of SV DOMINO is completely protected from the harsh weather conditions by that beautifully manufactured shade/Rain/snow tent…. Money well invested to prevent excessive weathering wear and tear……
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