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  1. The polarising division caused by Covid and Politics really has been astounding to stand back and witness... ‘Left’, ‘Right’, Old,young,Rich,poor,Jabbed,Unjabbed.... Debate is healthy and often necessary to provide balanced legislation and management of a democracy. We vote for people/partys to represent us and manage the countries budget and public facilities.. The ONLY thing i’m 100% sure of is that the use of the word “LEADER/S” has and is consistently misappropriated and used in a grotesque bastardisation as the name given to those that are ALL merely Elected REPRESENTATIVES of t
  2. Just a quick question for the brains trust regarding Australian sail numbers. If a boat has had a sail number since launch but any club or organisation affiliation or involvement ceased a few years ago...Under new ownership, that Sail number was never transferred or renewed.. Is there any way to preserve that boats sail number use(for nostalgic purposes) other that paying Australian Sailing $400+ dollar+ annuals?
  3. The mirror topped cockpit table has fiddles high enough that even the finest of cocaine lines is safe from the annoying wind breeze. ;-)
  4. “Is this perhaps a bad time to Broach the subject of welcoming our Lord and saviour into your hearts?” or: (Following boats skipper to crew) ”THEYYYYY BEEEEE CLAWHAULIN ROUND THE MARK LADS!!!!! READY THE GEAR TO FOLLOW THE SKIRVY RATS!!”
  5. Ah, memories.. Sunroof and Twin exhausts and mine was a reliable wheelbarrow constantly being pushed around. :-D Things crafted by hand seem(To me) to be more unscrappable than mass produced items built by robots... Or pedigree/achievement also prolongs an items life i think. Built to last is a dying business model unfortunately, unless the product is really Exclusive or rare already. 12hrs holding Bodacious away from demise is an amazing effort, i hope he gets free beers at the pub for that.. Sentimental species Humans, until the algorithms decide otherwise. ;-D
  6. In early 2020 i had 4boats on my year old wishlist on Yachthub as potential/dream buys... I travelled 1900klm’s to view a Farr 1104 that was from an unknown builder and in need of ALOT of love by the pictures... On the way out to the mooring field in the agents tender i spotted a boat.... A familiar shape, i confirmed with the agent that it was what i thought it was..”Damnit! Dude, shes been on my wishlist for 2years but...” He said “shes for sale for $###’s”. I immediately asked him to pull up to her first.... There she was, moored closest to the rocks, Melancholy,Du
  7. Bowman on Starboard boat: WTF are they up to boss!?? Helmsman on starboard boat: I dont care what it is! Quick hoist the protest flag!!!! Alternate caption: HH’s new Haemorrhoid and Herpes cream...”60% of the time it works everytime”.... Application instructions: Liberally apply to all red,irritable areas.
  8. Good to hear, i recently got the rigger to leave enough line on the newly installed lazyjacks for this very reason. I still need to work out how im going to position them in the run back to the cockpit. Plus that way, if a mainsail batten snags on hoist or reefing the jacks are right there to work.
  9. Download and read the manufacturers ‘destructions’.. All technical experts resort to the good old HARD RESET. Kill power to everything, switch it all back on, go through factory start up procedure, test operation..if required follow factory recalibration steps.. Test operation.
  10. As the diagram shows, i reckon: S is Standon for Tack and Rounding as directed by SI. So even if S had yeilded for safety reasons, then got back oncourse and hoisted the protest rag, S is still winner and P as DougH says is a DNF. P can go ranting to RC but if its in the SI Thems the rules. Not a bad idea to occasionally change course and roundings etc up, keep people on their toes and more interesting, especially if its a downwind rounding with Spinnakers.
  11. Sending them a link to this thread is a good idea, well done. Looks like a nice boat. I would be tempted to suggest they find and experienced sailor to do the delivery and they go as crew. Maiden voyage is never a good time to learn nav managment also.Then upon arriving at Portland they take their time to self learn or better still visit a sail school and do a course. Nice to see people here concerned and willing to offer advice, good onyas.
  12. I’m unsure of the exact age(were with the boat at purchase), i guess 2016/17.(?) Doyles. Recently had them at the loft for check and repair. will be using them again. Main plus #1 AP an #3. Sitting/laying unused and folded seems to have been the enemy of the bonding laminate. Most of the laminate degradation is on long folded areas. If you look at the upper panels of the main compared to the lower...I’d guess previous owner mostly sailed around with 1st reef in main constantly, most probably to avoid running backstays and checks on tacks and gybes. Lower sail panel was mos
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