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  1. I believe i may have a hull/boat Ken Jago built. Its been a while since i tried so here iam asking: Does Anybody have contact information for Mr Ken Jago?(Melbourne?) i would very much like to know anything about what he remembers of the boat/layup.(Laurie Davidson 3/4tonner 1985/6) i can be contacted here or on: 0455994479. Thank you.
  2. They didnt even install zips for shade. We had an indepth discussion at the time in person at the sail loft. The sail loft manager confirmed my ideas and dictated them to the lovely admin lady(his mother/inlaw?) they printed off the quote i paid it in full(it was actually more than $1600) He told me how he would need to have me flake the mainsail over boom etc for his sizes then once bag was made it would need to be fitted so he could measure for zip on shade wings etc. That was all arranged. It took 3months to get to the stage of bag made,fitted to boom ready for him to revisit for final meas
  3. I’m slowly recovering from shock after agreeing on a price from a sailmaker for a stackpack/boom bag and boat shade covers.. Stackpack/bag supplied(not rigged or fitted)..$1600aus.!!! Thats expensive Sunbrella! Sailmaker now claiming zip on shade covers for each side will cost extra and weren't part of the original quote... Unfortunately i paid the quote in full on the day of original arrangement and the Companies quote wording is ambiguous On description... The Massive company logos must be expensive?. Check and double check your sizes and quoted instructions are right for you, n
  4. Unable to post login.
  5. Hunter S Thompson... Guy had a way with words.. Nice one. Thanks, selling everything BUT the boat just now. I will work out how to stop the head full of doors from banging...Until then.. excile:-)
  6. It appears that a head injury and subsequent ongoing treatment has scrambled my noodle more than i realise.. My balance is off, my memory is gone and my ability to express myself properly and consistently is non existent.... Boat for sale. (Maybe...Maybe not..who knows... when should an owner give up?). FTW.
  7. I have re read my previous posts to try and understand where i went wrong trying to convey my thoughts... Not only was my post timing a mile out but i can only put my inability to understandably express my thoughts down to a head injury.. Had taken a few months break from SA for the same reason. I seem to have my motor running but wrong gear selected or perhaps worn rings or bore myself.. Whatever the heck you decide Tharsheblows, i have the Beta in mine currently and cant fault it for agricultural simplicity and cheaper parts than the yanmar. My apologies for hijacking your thread.
  8. I’ve also seen blocked sump pickups caused blowback via rocker ports and dipstick.
  9. Uh huh...... valve adjustment /timing CAN lead blow back. Gases are blown back past the valve on compression stroke of the piston.. White smoke emanating from the rocker is a sure sign of valve leakage or breather/sump pressure. But you are correct that the thread is beyond my comments now but i appreciate your trying to educate me...Thanks.
  10. Yup, rings or bore or head to crank timing..
  11. First check and adjust valve clearances. Often rocker/head pressurisation can be caused by incorrect valve clearance causing backpressure in the rocker and blowout either the dipstick or head breather.. If the engine runs without excess smoke, chances are the rings are ok. But a compression test kit(cheap one will do) on each bore will confirm. Good luck.
  12. Sam Holmes sailing has just started an interesting refit/repair. The guy is all about minimising expenditure but at the same time getting the job done for ease of Singlehanding.
  13. I have resorted to that one desperate morning in the high latitudes.. Never again i swear.. I know an old timer mechanic that every couple of years goes and buys a new Minus -30deg C sleeping bag from the camp store for each of his motors.. Nothing to expensive. His theory being: “if it’d keep you warm in -30c it cant be bad for an old motor”.. He taught me about over coming hard to start motors first by checking valve clearences then if they have either worn or contracted(due to the cold) piston rings or barrels by using full decompression to turn the motor up to speed whilst misti
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