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  1. Good to hear, i recently got the rigger to leave enough line on the newly installed lazyjacks for this very reason. I still need to work out how im going to position them in the run back to the cockpit. Plus that way, if a mainsail batten snags on hoist or reefing the jacks are right there to work.
  2. Download and read the manufacturers ‘destructions’.. All technical experts resort to the good old HARD RESET. Kill power to everything, switch it all back on, go through factory start up procedure, test operation..if required follow factory recalibration steps.. Test operation.
  3. As the diagram shows, i reckon: S is Standon for Tack and Rounding as directed by SI. So even if S had yeilded for safety reasons, then got back oncourse and hoisted the protest rag, S is still winner and P as DougH says is a DNF. P can go ranting to RC but if its in the SI Thems the rules. Not a bad idea to occasionally change course and roundings etc up, keep people on their toes and more interesting, especially if its a downwind rounding with Spinnakers.
  4. Sending them a link to this thread is a good idea, well done. Looks like a nice boat. I would be tempted to suggest they find and experienced sailor to do the delivery and they go as crew. Maiden voyage is never a good time to learn nav managment also.Then upon arriving at Portland they take their time to self learn or better still visit a sail school and do a course. Nice to see people here concerned and willing to offer advice, good onyas.
  5. I’m unsure of the exact age(were with the boat at purchase), i guess 2016/17.(?) Doyles. Recently had them at the loft for check and repair. will be using them again. Main plus #1 AP an #3. Sitting/laying unused and folded seems to have been the enemy of the bonding laminate. Most of the laminate degradation is on long folded areas. If you look at the upper panels of the main compared to the lower...I’d guess previous owner mostly sailed around with 1st reef in main constantly, most probably to avoid running backstays and checks on tacks and gybes. Lower sail panel was mos
  6. I’m now hoping 3M 5200 fastset will do the job.
  7. It appears the Seal once product in the OP Is predominantly Propylene glycol. Apparently thats common in women's cosmetics. Check out what wiki says about it....it reads as if comparing Teak to skin
  8. The advent of digital really has made the ability to read the cunningly positioned bits of cassette tape tied all over the boat to aid TWD,TWA,TWS,AWS Guestimation a dying art.
  9. For years i wore Cheaper polarised sunnies($4-$50aus)for Biking,sailing,drinking.. They would last 3-4months before polarised coating would rub off and lenses(plastic) would go cloudy and blurry. My Brother convinced me to buy ‘SPOTTERS’ brand($290aus approx) fishermen love em here. On my 2nd pair in 4years!!! Light,plastic framed, Ruby or sapphire(?) glass, polarized. First pair i gave to a friend after 1.5years use. He still wears them. Amazing sunglasses. Im not sponsored by them and im not Wealthy or careful with them. ps: just make sure any LCD screens are polarised frie
  10. I recently saw fellow Australians Troy&Pascale of FreeRangeSailing use these Flanged,thread in timber to bolt inserts. They drilled an oversize hole in the stripped hole, filled it with hardened epoxy, drilled that, epoxied and wound in the 316insert. The larger area and coarser outer thread provides huge anchoring potential, then they threaded a bolt into it. Clever and an alternative to full through bolting depending on application.(i forget if they used butyl tape or sealant, it was on a recent dodger install or stanchion repair i think)..
  11. Some sort of mainsheet cleat holderer designed to prevent sheet to tiller interaction... Maybe:-/ Friend of mine was just talking about them last week as i was trying to explain my mainsheet track removal plan.
  12. Last day for Nominations is 28th Oct... So CYCA haven't given up hope yet.:-/ Their Bluewater pointscore series has been rescheduled for 10th oct. countdown clock is on for that.. COME ON Gladys and Tas! Invite Anastasia down to negotiate, she loves her sports, especially if theyre heading south away from ‘her’ border.
  13. Ah, more Fuckwittery and presumption.. So just to recap- in the post i’ve quoted above you: 1: proclaim ive played myself... 2: that i’m a ‘boomer’.... 3: you ask me a question about social media... 4: You presume by me posting a humorous meme that i’m an anti vaxer.... 5: You believe there is an argument... 6: You ask if i was planning on going to Hobart... 7: You give me advice about apple staff... 8: You Comment on my Screen size... Wow, theres alot to unwrap/unpack in this.. But seeing as you have clearly made such an effort to conver
  14. Bullshit.. Look at the total case number to death ratio of ANY of the causes of death i listed and you’ll clearly see Covids(the current variants)not as deadly a plague as its made out to be. “People like you”.. hahahaha!! Your poorly chosen words and presumptions about me show your true level of magnificent ignorance. “Science lets me take a dump while i write this on my phone”. What kind of fucking app lets you do that? That does explain the grossly presumptuous shit your talking though. Nature provided me with a keen yet discerning Fuckwit detector and as i read
  15. So seeing those figures really does make me happy about the ban on outdoor activities and the intense isolationist/divisionalist Hokery pokery being LEGISLATED by elected representatives of the population. FTW.
  16. I no longer watch Any media of political announcement(Publicity slut fest).. Each week i go direct to the .gov.au website and look at the ACTUAL figures... Heres todays(and an influenza&pneumonia comparison):
  17. I still have an actual cheque book.. Ah those were the heady days of hedonistic paper and ink gamble game... Would the check be cashed before my wages made it to my account 3-5days later??... Those beers always tasted better with a pinch of fraud risk...:-D The local publican did advise me to round the edges of the cheque next time i give him a bouncer, apparently at least they bounce straighter than with square edges.:-)
  18. Wow, this is the first time i have seen this thread.. Amazing posts. These last 2years have had me visit many many specialists all over eastern Australia. In a strange haze of faltering memory this last lot of appointments took me to see 5 of them again, of the 5, 4 of them seem passionate about sailing and art.. The last one i had seen 3times previously but could not remember ever being there until i attended his office. Immediately i remembered the amazing painting of a sloop beating to whether. I shall take pictures next time as there was a pencil monet print there also and some
  19. The topsides are getting a birthday ready for the wrap. i believe this boat was originally a Savage branded boat, converted to a centre console at some point and has an unusual 1m transom pod extension, probably had a rotten transom and was done at same time as the centre console conversion by the looks of it. I bought it to use myself. It currently has a single huge Mariner 6cylinder 135hp 2 stroke outboard on it that seems to run well now after some carb repairs and fettling. But may turn out to be an anchor though, behaviour dependant and replacement dependant. It was really the Laps
  20. I believe they charter exclusively via www.WhoflungDung.com.Cn. Rumour has it Berejyklystan is trying to negotiate exclusive charter rights as the harpooning flagship for the marine covid vaccination rollout. No mammal is safe anymore.
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