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  1. Ever since most of the the wolves went extinct, there's been precious few opportunities for natural selection to play out. Maybe this is Darwin's chance?
  2. I don't blame anyone for ignoring stupid guidance like this. What, do you think the air stays in your corner of the elevator? Get vaccinated. Or don't, and get sick or die. But pointless rules like this are just an inconvenience & creates a false equality between ineffective measures and the very effective vaccine.
  3. Really struggling to see how or why this is something that I am supposed to do anything about. There's a free and effective vaccine that almost entirely prevents hospitalization and death, and yet fools won't take it. Well... that's on them. But me being vaccinated, the chances are <.2% that I'd even be hospitalized if I caught it... that's just below the general noise/risk level, I'm not making any changes to my life to protect those who refuse to help themselves.
  4. Couple years ago at my marina, engine shop was working on a motor replacement. Pulled out the old one - and shaft too - and called it a day. How they missed the water gushing in is a mystery, but it sank overnight in the slip.
  5. My Bulb is flattened on the bottom, as is most others I've seen. Also... healing over definitively reduces draft, unless the water level drops at the same rate you heel.
  6. Are you fucking serious? You would rather your crew photograph than try to cut lines or haul them back aboard? You must be the dumbest person ever to set foot on a boat. Please go back to Sailboat LARPing.
  7. If you think one of the key roles during an incident like this is to take photos, then you have learned very little from this tragedy.
  8. Where did you purchase the new PCB & bearings? There used to be a company that refurbished them, but they seem to have dissappeared.
  9. If we are setting the record straight, it needs to be mentioned that no one was required transmit AIS until 8pm on the first night of the race, per SIs: 3.5 "Each boat shall continuously transmit its position using its Automatic Identification System (AIS) transceiver, required by US Safety Equipment Requirements, beginning no later than 2000 EDT on the day of her start until arriving in Newport or, if she retires, after returning to a harbor and contacting the race office." Until their equipment failure, Zuul transmitted all afternoon without any obligation to do so, which suggest
  10. How did people even race boats in the days before AIS? /s
  11. So the issue with penalizing boats, is how do you determine if it was the transmitter or receiver that's at fault? What's the standard of proof for deliberate vs tech issue vs just weak signal? There's at least 5 possible explanations: 1. AIS was turned off deliberately 2. Technical issue (system restarted, issue w/splitter, etc... -- often not apparent to the transmitting boat) 3. Weak signal on transmitting vessel b/c of inadequate antenna / cable. It's on, you just can't see them. 4. Weak signal on receiving vessel b/c of their own inadequate antenna /cable. 5. At
  12. For the price/performance, 3/8" Samson Warspeed II is hard to beat. And if you strip the last 8' or so, it'll run through the 2:1 friction rings a lot easier. (Also need to match this with a low-stretch halyard -- I like Robeline 9mm (really 9.5mm) Coppa 5000)
  13. Just be warned, Herrington Harbor doesn't let you work after 9:30pm. Which is especially bad now that it's summer time and blazing hot during the day. They also only promise a launch week, not a specific date, which can be an issue too. Bert Jabins is the much better option, if you're looking to do your own work.
  14. Idk - they seem be about the same price as Musto MPX. Except that everyone has been complaining that the Musto quality has declined in recent years. I tried the inexpensive Gill bibs, and was pretty wet offshore. So you get what you pay for.
  15. From the front page - looks neat but pricey. Has anyone seen or used it? https://sailinganarchy.com/2021/07/13/north-is-here-too/
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