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  1. Balance. Keeps more of the weight centered. perhaps this lets them move the keel further aft and play with mast position?
  2. Whatever the Editor hoped to accomplish with this thread has been thoroughly ruined by the typical idiots arguing about pornography or throwing insults at each other. Everything is always about them. Good job.
  3. I'm a bit surprised to hear this, and maybe it's because your sail is flatter than a typical cut. Usually, for any reasonably sized A2 or A3 asym, you really must use top-down furling. What I found was that with bottom up, what happens is that the top of the sail will not furl as fast as the bottom, and the still-inflated top of the sail will rotate back & forth around and twist on itself, creating an hourglass that is almost impossible to remove without taking the whole thing down on deck. You can get away with bottom-up furling on code zero sail, because it's a flatter cut, wi
  4. In high school I worked for a construction contractor who did the same thing, always juggling angry customers, working on which ever job complained the most, running of materials etc... took him 6 week to pay me at one point. Then one of his (few) subcontractors told me that he actually spent all the money on his cocaine habit and it all made more sense.
  5. Yeah I had just skimmed the headlines and didn’t see this was for an offshore class… What may limit its popularity in the US though, is that it won’t be eligible for the Newport-Bermuda. Unless they waive their 32’ length limit.
  6. Other than being 20cm too short, what does this do that the J/88 doesn’t?
  7. Interesting. Here many racing boats are dived every week during the summer. Granted, the water is 80-90, which makes rapid growth unavoidable.
  8. All in all, while entertaining, there is an unavoidably toxic mean-spiritedness that permeates, and has increased in the last 10 yrs. With the exception of Fix-it & Cruising anarchy, it's often more a collection of internet trolls than an open discourse for the sailing community. I mean, how many boat builders, sailmakers, or anyone with a professional reputation contributes under their own name? Getting rid of some of the more offensive jerks would go a ways towards improving the overall discourse. And the COVID and PA forums bring out the worst in this place, even if they d
  9. I think I’ll “carry on” convincing myself that it’s better to like… do actual engineering analysis on a 60’ cat design. but to each his own…
  10. Was it reported to anyone until last week though? And if it was — is it possible they were respecting the victim’s wishes and letting her decide whether or not to go public? I have no idea, but it’s a bit early to start screaming coverup.
  11. I’d hope so. But then why attack US Sailing’s “silence” on the front page? Trying to imply a coverup, when they and everyone else likely only learned of this yesterday or this morning morning. There’s really plenty of villains here in the story without inventing new ones.
  12. Why do you want carbon anyway? Unless you're going to invest the time/$$ in design & quality construction techniques, there's no weight savings over a well-engineered fiberglass structure.
  13. Wondering if his real objective here is to throw shade at US sailing, which Scott has a longstanding grudge match against. Except that as far as anyone can tell, the first time anyone heard of this was yesterday on IG.
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