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  1. Actually they have had one fatality, in 1932. Boat caught fire & sank.
  2. I usually use Interprotect 2000e, but a couple years ago tried the Pettit Protect barrier coat product - never again. After several months, it bubbled up from the keel and took days the grind out the bubbles & refair. Ever since then I've used Interprotect or a neat West or MGS epoxy coating. All the yards/contractors also use the 2000e product, so they are probably onto something.
  3. Why not grab a transient slip just next door at Anchorage Marina. Take a few hrs to sort out the boat, load up food / provisions / fuel up etc... https://www.anchoragemarina.com/
  4. If I were buying a brand new boat, I'd be pretty disappointed if the designer wasn't using a proprietary VPP to beat the ORC VPP! If you take a look at results from the last ORC Worlds in Croatia, it at least appears that ORC favors some design types over others: In Division B, top 3 were Swan 42s. The 40.7s were similarly clustered, but none of them broke 24th place. http://data.orc.org/public/WEV.dll?action=series&eventid=WORLDS19&classid=B In Division C, most of the top boats are Italian designs, by Mateo Polli, Cosutti, J&J. http://data.orc.org/public/WE
  5. Some interesting ideas in this conversation. One thing that jumps out at me is that with PHRF, as long as the rating is in the ballpark, you're likely to have at least some races where the wind-conditions are spot on for your rating. And if it's consistently unfair, you can appeal or protest the rating (though almost no one does this, they'd rather just bitch about it.) But with ORC and ORR VPP modeling, there's a risk that the model overly emphasizes (or ignores) a particular feature, allowing that "unfairness" to be replicated across wind ranges. And the best designers are undoub
  6. TBH - we have the H5000 and never use the race-line start function. There's just so much going on during the starts, we're heads up and trying to match the moving-line to the start on a small display screen is just a distraction. Now if H5000 would offer a simple "time-to-burn" number, that would actually be helpful (and clearly the system calculates it already). But right now only Expedition offers that feature.
  7. Salona


    Best protection is not to leave the boat plugged into shore power, except when actively recharging. The AC ground wire isn't supposed to carry any voltage, but in a big marina it inevitably does, and it's grounded to your engine block / prop.
  8. I can't speak to Antal jammers, but their other products appear very well made. Regarding the Spinlock ceramic jaws - they are awesome. Completely eliminated our halyard slip, I've replaced most of the spinlock clutch internals with ceramics.
  9. Use the ORC site to select the same boat-type, and pay $10 eur to run a test certificate using your own sail / rig dimensions.
  10. If this was my 2nd EPIRB, sure. But one is none, so why risk it?
  11. Good luck buying groceries with your gold money...
  12. Owning a boat, yes. Racing your boat rather than racing on other people’s boats, no.
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