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  1. Very impressive to see how the starboard foil is swinging with the waves. Must have been a pretty harsh crash. Amazing that he was able to make it hold together
  2. He seems to get a bag from the RIB crew (some food and more wine?). Nice images
  3. https://fb.watch/25Dov-PWWs/ Kevin and Jean on a videocall. Kevin says that the sinking was worse that those we picture in movies, he says he’s sorry for interrupting Jean’s race and that the last time it was PRB rescuing Jean. He then has tears in his eyes feeling sorry for loosing the boat and all the work done on it. He says that in 4 seconds the bow pointed 90 degrees downwards, when he stepped out to the cockpit a wave crashed and killed the electronics and he had just the time to send a text
  4. I think Alex is probably searching to get first to the downwind conditions which seem to be happening first to the west. It is pretty clear that in closer reaching conditions both Verdier boats have a slight or not so slight better topspeed, will see how that turns out in VMG conditions in the south
  5. Charal will restart tomorrow afternoon
  6. That's correct. I heard Juan K talking about the IMOCA class not disclosing much about the mast other than the certified resistance as of 32Tm He had gradually increased the redressing moment created by the foils up to those 43-45Tm and he believed that L'Occitane was up to 50Tm, so that will definitely be a fuse.
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