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  1. All, Thank you all very much for the great responses! You've given me some ideas to work with. @Major Tom ... I hadn't really considered the idea of modifying whatever I could find locally. I'll start looking. @Dex Sawash... the Expedition 14.5 is in the wheelhouse, but I think you're right that finding one of the 100 hulls may be challenging. Meanwhile, the Capri 14 is ~200 lbs heaver than some of the other boats, so I don't think I'll pursue that one. @Bill5... the Expo 12.5 is also right in the wheelhouse of what I'm looking for. Thank you!
  2. I'm looking for a dinghy that I can launch from a dock which sits on a narrow channel. There are structures on either side of the channel. As I result, I can't let the boom swing freely; it would hit the structures on either side of the channel. I plan to paddle out of the channel and raise/unfurl the sail once I'm in open water. Additionally, I have to store the boat in slings on its side--out of the water--when not in use. I'm separately working on a runout beam to work the slings. Most of the dinghies with halyarded mains don't look like good candidates; I don't foresee being ab
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