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  1. just don't be like these class580 guys and you are golden, LMAO
  2. Please be sure to post new info if you have some...
  3. L-6 one of few russian racing classes
  4. but we got to at least try...
  5. ye, its quite retarded actually, imo
  6. i mean if there will be sf3300 somewhere near me(or if covid thing stops-literally somewhere) for a good price-of course ill consider it, or any other racey recent sailboats{ofcet 32, sc37}, but i believe-it will not happen, also as its not for the boat,more for building process, im really interested in working with composites, just recently signed up for building proto 650 with some yachtsman, mini transat racer.
  7. like that Aeolos thing? mount it diagonally?
  8. im worse, im 26, havent done shit im my life and im goind to build one myself idongettit
  9. if would be so funny if l30 team will decide to make boat wider same way as moore 24
  10. couldn't say it any better
  11. id like to see you go transat in this thing...
  12. prolly its for self built options
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