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  1. I haven't put it back on the water but i plan to give it a capsize test this weekend and see if she stays floating and hopefully sail a bit! @Gouvernail This is the cap I have. Is there supposed to be a hole in the center of it? that seems to defeat the purpose of the cap IMG_1239.HEIC IMG_1238.HEIC
  2. @Gouvernail Is the mast supposed to have a cap of some sort on the very top? I found a broken piece of plastic inside the mast that looks like it used to be a plug for the top that has a circle hole in the top.
  3. I'll try to make it down! I assume that means the races start at 6:30? I might just show up and meet some people/watch the races and leave my boat at home at first until I learn more about sailing. If you see a guy with dreadlocks wandering around looking lost that'll be me haha
  4. @Steam Flyer Yeah, so if my halyard is uncleated and i grab the tail I thought maybe it would give me a little more twisty-leverage than just standing on the centerboard, or at the least help me keep my balance haha
  5. Quick question, would it be a Fuck-awful idea to grab the halyard while leaning on the centerboard to give it some extra twisting force when trying to right it from a capsize? I apologize if this is a stupid question but I'm starting from scratch haha
  6. This is beautiful! still standing proud and tall haha
  7. @Gouvernail Minnesota! Outskirts of Minneapolis
  8. @Dex Sawash I have never seen that and I love every single second of it haha. Thanks for sharing!
  9. yes! I just need to figure out how to replace those discs I guess, also that jam cleat is broken on my foredeck so I should probably replace that. It was also definitely too small for the diameter of rope that is currently installed as the furling line
  10. If I lived near PA that would be fun haha. Part of the reason i wanted to get an older boat is so i could learn to do some repair work so that when I get a bigger and more expensive boat that looks nicer I'll have some experience doing repairs so i am less likely to screw it up!
  11. I definitely need to figure something out to keep my furling line from getting tangled! It's honestly my biggest complaint about the boat so far (aside from the sinking to the lakebed thing.) As far as I'm aware, it isn't set up to sail a spinnaker, but honestly I have no idea what the differences would be between one that is and isn't What kind of epoxy am I supposed to use for things like this? from what I've seen on youtube people tend to have an epoxy, a thinner and a hardener? This is all stuff i'm new to and i wanted to get a boat that didn't much matter if i screwed it
  12. So there are some holes on the side of the cockpit, 3 sets per side that i'm not sure what they were for. Toe strap maybe? and the front tip looks like it was broken off and then epoxied over IMG_1202.HEIC IMG_1204.HEIC IMG_1205.HEIC IMG_1206.HEIC
  13. There are some deeper scratches on the transom than I had realized but I don't think they leak significantly although maybe they do? IMG_1196.HEIC IMG_1197.HEIC IMG_1198.HEIC IMG_1199.HEIC IMG_1200.HEIC IMG_1201.HEIC
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