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  1. This one will be hard to beat. Unless some foiling offshore cats/ tris want to try, but that is so highly unlikely.
  2. I’m just really curious... it’s really unfortunate about Paul Campbell- James injury. I cannot fathom how difficult that can be or the recovery. the team travels with 7 (plus shore tram) ... it appears. What is the need to bring an outside wing trimmer. There aren’t capable sailors in the camp to replace? And in what instance will Daniela sail? She just sits behind jimmy during practices. It just all seems very odd
  3. Thanks. I appreciate your candor. As I said a few programs and it took a bit of work but I’m not here to have a dick wagging contest. You can PM me for my CV but I doubt I’ll share it.
  4. My God. Congrats. Do you want a cookie. Everyone knows. But thanks for your continued diligence as a junior detective.
  5. Had a match racing client that we had to have stand on the other side of the wheel when we’d be doing back downs during dial ups..... Same guy when we were sailing sprit boats- up and down was fine normally downwind but had to go to bow left/ bow right for wing on wing action.
  6. I have not done that job per say but I have been a part of programs that large and at that level.
  7. Everyone is talking about the semantics of retiring or DNF or disqualified. I cannot fathom how this would happen at this level. There’s like 5 marks of the course, the TSS being one of those. Again. I don’t want to get into semantics of what’s an obstruction or a mark. I really cannot believe what I was witnessing when they rounded the rock. Surely they will follow the course correctly I thought... Simply unforgivable...
  8. All of the above. And if that fails... flex seal!
  9. As I said before. Wish I was a fly on the wall when they find out. IMO they didn’t sail the course so never finished unless they go unwind the string. And again, I agree I said there may be something we don’t know. But.... No one else has done the same.
  10. Yeah. (For context) How pleased would you be if someone couldn’t verify the course whilst paying I dunno 50-100k a day for the boat to sail? It’s not just the dailies... Its yard days, shipping, maintenance. My guess is you’re close to 6 figures a day to sail that boat and you can’t figure out the 5 defined marks of the course? Again. They may know something we don’t but then again, no one else has done what they did.
  11. I want to be a fly on the wall when they realize their error. Maybe Salter knows something we don’t. (Hopefully for him) But if he pooched it this bad I’d expect him to not only get fired but it would be admirable to forgo your pay for the race. So in the realm of 1500-2500 a day.
  12. Yeah I was gonna say the same thing. Has to leave the fastnet TSS to port while going to the rock and leave it to port while returning from the rock. Really unbelievable at that level.
  13. So definitely a gs. With either inner forestay or on a furler with a decent cable. I also think the second sail is tacked to windward. If you zoom in you can see what looks to be a furler.
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