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  1. I think they are limited by the space TV broadcasters are willing to give them.. which seems to be no more than 1h-something x 2 days. Which also seem to be the reason for the super short races <15m long. Hopefully this can change in the future when/if the serie gets more popular. EDIT: One possible alternative could be to turn the practice races into something that assigns actual points and broadcast those on youtube only.. with a short recap of the outcome at the beginning of the saturday TV broadcast.
  2. so if he blamed a "non female" he'd be ok? even more fascinating
  3. fascinating.... he's a "piece of crap" because he thinks somebody on a boat made a mistake? truly fascinating take.
  4. A couple of considerations after this race: - JPN won 3 fleet races out of 5 and were not in the final. SailGP needs to seriously reconsider how points are distributed... it's absurd. - NO jumps on that GBR boat, in theory unknown to him and his crew and gets 2 wins in a row.. the first thing he says after crossing the line in Race 5 is "damn this boat is fast".. conspiracy much? - Somebody kept suggesting NO was only good in light winds.. some was even debating if it was a good idea for him to race today because there was too much wind.. I mean, seriously ppl.. are you really
  5. not really.. having a "top dog" tends to be good for sports... definitely better than having the impression of total random results.
  6. come on.. the dude made a mistake, got tunnel vision while focusing on 1 boat and lost awareness of the JPN boat approaching from behind the wing. That doesn't magically cancel the man's entire career. Sailing will have to adapt to a new world where boat speeds are way higher than before.. and when you put 8 of these things together the learning curve gets even steeper and the chances of big collisions is inevitable.
  7. that accident was brutal... really worried about next season with 10 boats to be honest, they'll have to figure something out before somebody gets hurt.
  8. ya I have plans for VR but not sure if and when I'll be able to get to that. I don't really understand the question about the camera angle.
  9. I will look into that. That's how I drive at the moment: Helm -> Mouse left/right movement. Offers a good smoothness but lacks a "solid" feel. Steering wheels with Force Feedback are also supported and you can imagine feel wicked! But I try to use the game in what will be the most common config. Foil Rake -> Mouse wheel. This is the perfect controller for this, I was really surprised how well it worked from the first time I tried it. In the video I am using 10% of "AI foil assist" that reduces the amount of action required to keep the boat flying. Foil rake is the most hig
  10. As promised.. a couple of legs against my own "ghosts", fully un-edited game play footage, gives an idea about how the game is going to be played. Another video of the same race is going up with the view from a TV boat camera.
  11. Thanks everybody for the great support guys. I plan to take some time this weekend/following week to cut a new video that is less of a trailer with lots of fast cuts and more a long playing session that can be more appreciate by "sailing" people more than "gamers" with more time to have a look at how the boats react to the inputs and adjustments... will post it here if I can make it.
  12. My December TODO list is all dominated by the porting process to a different API to support the Steam Deck. Steam Deck is an upcoming portable handheld "PC based console".. the price is "affordable" considering the current world supply scarcity of silicon and doesn't have the grunt of a full desktop of gaming laptop. Hopefully I can get the game to run in there at 60fps with reasonable graphics.. with occasional dips below 60fps if there are lots of boats on the screen.. that's the plan, the execution however is always something entirely different and this month will tell the real
  13. Hello, Hopefully I am not breaking any rule by opening this thread.. and hopefully this is the most appropriate subforum to place it. I've been working for about one year and a half on a new sailing simulator focused on foiling that will (hopefully) be available on Early Access on Steam by summer 2022. And it is already available to wishlist here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1448820/Hydrofoil_Generation/ Here's a trailer that shows the current state of development: I want to point out this game is made by a tiny (2 people) studio, so sadly we're
  14. thx.. ya I've been working on this for about one year and a half.. hoping to release something this summer. Fingers crossed. It's not really a SailGP game but the boats are heavily based on the F50.. I tried to get in touch with them to perhaps get the official liveries and data in the game with no luck for now, I will probably try again in the future and hopefully we'll find a way to make this work.
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