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  1. That is a smaller list than I would have expected. I was a participant in four of those events that experienced fatalities (including the not listed Imedi Chicago Mackinac incident not including ) so maybe I am a bad luck charm and offshore sailing isn't as dangerous as my experiences would indicate. Outside of races I participate in, sailing seems pretty safe. Breaking waves and high winds near the Farallones and outside the Bay along with relatively lax safety out of SF Bay (no inspections) makes those races out of the Gate particularly dangerous.
  2. San Francisco to Farallones races in the last 30 years have had numerous fatalities. At least 3 separate incidents. One with multiple fatalities.
  3. Chicago had an early entry deadline of April 1 with the entry fee going up after that date. Bayview has no early entry. Thus, I don't see any reason for a bigger surge in Chicago entries in the coming weeks, but maybe many Chicago owners are waiting to see how covid plays out over the next few weeks before committing to the race while Detroit owners are less concerned? Perhaps, but I think time will show that Chicago is facing a big decline while Bayview race will see some growth.
  4. My post compared to 2019 an odd year with BYC second so it should be an apples to apples comparison.
  5. In recent years, Chicago Mackinac has had about 50% more entries than Bayview Mackinac. As of today, Bayview is at 180 entries (up 10 boats versus 2019) and Chicago is at 222 (down 50 boats versus 2019). Any theories for why Bayview race is showing growth while Chicago is declining? Did running the Bayview race in 2020 keep more boats in the game while Chicago turned boats off by cancelling the race in 2020?
  6. Do you use a martin breaker when dousing shorthanded or do just make sure your tack line is long enough to douse in the cockpit?
  7. It is certainly a reasonable decision but I think a somewhat lazy one and not necessarily the safest one. If you could enforce same household doublehanded, that would certainly be safer as a lot of boats are sailing singlehanded for the first time that could have sailed doublehanded with a member of their household. There is no greater COVID risk allowing doublehanded same household if there was compliance with same household. I understand that SSS fears lack of compliance and thus took the easy way out and didn't allow same household doublehanded. Totally reasonable especially for an overta
  8. Yes, the risk of a negative press story about a father and daughter sailing together should scare us from allowing this. That would be crippling to our sport.
  9. I understand that they couldn't allow doublehanders from mixed households, but why not allow family doublehanded to enter? They could have kept the same entry limit in place so there wouldn't be any additional work for the RC by having some of the entries have a second person from the same family aboard. My guess is that not many people in SSS leadership sail with family members in this race so they aren't sensitive to excluding family boats, but historically the 3BF has had a lot more doublehanded entries (many of them same household) than singlehanded.
  10. Not sure why they don't allow doublehanded boats from the same family. I was looking forward to sailing the race with my daughter.
  11. I sailed more than a few miles with him over nearly 4 decades. Sad day. He was so vibrant for so long that I never thought this day would come. I remember sailing a doublehanded Mackinac with him on a Mumm 30 only about 10 years ago when I was in my 30s and he was in his 70s, and it seemed like we were the same age pushing the boat hard. He lived a good life and went out with a lot of family around him. His legacy will live on with his family, his business and all of the sailors that he mentored. I don't think anyone in this country trained more professional bow men than Dave did with mul
  12. The sails are the same size as they are subject to the class rules design limitations.
  13. For jibs that were designed to go on the furler, I have added about an 8 inch strop to the tack fitting to fly the jibs from so the tack height replicates the furler tack location as the jib was designed to be flown off the deck that much. If you don't add the strop, the jib is pressed against the deck and cabin top when closehauled with in-hauler on. Newer jibs are designed to be flown from the tack fitting on the deck.
  14. CYC sent around a Mackinac survey last month to past invited competitors and one of the questions was around whether you owned AIS already. My guess is that CYC will postpone this requirement for at least another year.
  15. I believe the M32 is approved and racing, but they will have a 30 foot Protector escorting them up the lake as a chase boat. They have a world class crew and can complete the race in 10 hours if there is wind. With a chase boat as escort, I think it is reasonable that BYC accepts their entry.
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