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  1. I am used to towing boats that are a just a little to big. I am towing the 18 with an old 2 seater Mercedes. Pulls like a dream. I can not be more impressed with the 18. I will run her for a few years. Who knows, maybe get another or step up to a 24. If you are ever in the Carolinas, you are welcome to come for a sail.
  2. Easy install on the 24 or 27. The 27 is sent up to have an under deck B&G Auto. I think a bungee is the only option for the 18. I will try it out and let you know.
  3. I received my First 18 yesterday in the Carolinas and will be actively sailing it anywhere and everywhere I can. You are welcome to come for a sail or buy an 18 help build some classes. I will be doing the Carolina Lake circuit when it fires back up. First race in June 19-21 in Charleston SC. I would be happy to help build a First Club in the US. Let me know How I can help.
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