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  1. Thank you very much for your replies and for all the detail you gave Julian. In my case there are definitely two bolts which enter from the outside of the mast on opposite sides, and have a nut on the inside. I can see the nuts when I lower the mast as the plug has a small hole in the bottom. I can turn the bolt and see the nut turn inside. It is not screwed directly into the plug in this case. But my plug does look a bit different to the one on the ovington website. An older model perhaps... The bolts are loose, but since they have lock nuts, they are staying in place on the bolt. H
  2. Hello. On my 29er (bought secondhand) there is a piece of metal attached at the very base of the mast, which creates the hinge between the mast and the deck. I'm not sure of its name. There are two bolts which come in from either side of the mast to attach to this piece. The bold comes in from the outside and the nut is on the inside of the nut. I have noticed that they are both loose. I have 2 questions: - Are these bolts supposed to be loose? (It is possible that the system is designed this way, and they use lock nuts to hold them loose intentionally) - How do you tighten
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