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  1. Nice bit of sleuthing. I feel like I've been unmasked! ...and I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those pesky kids.
  2. Ooh, I feel a sub-thread coming on - "Cordless tools I have known and loved". I still remember my old 9.6V Makita 6095D with the 3/8 chuck. If the weather was warm, the battery would last at least 20 minutes.
  3. Gotta love purpleheart. I know it's a pain to work with but it's gorgeous when it's done. "Youthful vitality and optimism" made it possible back then. So I'm guessing, just the optimism these days?
  4. Ah, the shield of shame. I remember it well. An innovation with the sole purpose of humiliating anyone who didn't get the mix ratio right and inadvertently created a special mix of their own design. A sample of the epoxy "toffee" laminate that's never going to cure or the smoldering remains of over catalyzed polyester would be nailed to the shield with the perps name written on it for all to see, point, and laugh. Sadly, my name still appears to be on it.
  5. Not sure there's any weight advantage in going electric Electric motor and saildrive: 170lbs 4x 8D AGMs for the 48v 400 Ah required: 175lbs each Total: 870lbs That's three fat bastards and a St Bernard dog. Or nearly half a Volkswagon Beetle, in old money. https://electricyacht.com/product/quiettorque-20-0sd-saildrive/ Plus I'm pretty sure that by "in hand" RIP means "got it for free of another boat" so spending 20k on an electric set up is almost certainly off the table.
  6. Looking good. What are you doing for backing under the winches?
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