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  1. Agreed. In Australia, we’re looking at over $70k for new (after exchange rate, shipping, compliance/certification, trailer, duties...). It puts it well out of touch to reality. Sure, there’s a lot of work in manufacturing one...it’s all the transfer fees that kill it for us here. i believe 4 years ago it was more like $50k...an extra $20k effectively is p!55ed against the wall There's a 2006 Corsair 750 up for sale here at $39k...I just really liked the pulse for its towability and easy launch
  2. I just got a twinge in the groin watching that vid
  3. Thanks Matt You’ve been a great resource on this thread. The 3 other Pulses are in QLD? Is that correct? Cheers again Brett
  4. Is it possible to launch from trailer to beach or is it necessary to launch from a ramp? cheers
  5. Hello and thank you Spearhead. I’ve been following your YouTube channel and am enjoying the ride! I’m based in Adelaide...we did live in the Sunshine Coast for a brief moment in time and I can say that the water is a lot warmer up there I’ve tried making contact with Corsair and the Aus dealer but I’m guessing that due to COVID, they’re not available(?) There’s only one 2nd hand one on the market at the moment (shipping to Aus from Singapore) but I’m in no hurry...who knows, with what’s happening in the US at the moment maybe I wait and see if our dollar gets closer to parit
  6. Hello all. I’m looking into the Pulse 600’s at the moment (seems like I fit the category of sailor: 46 yrs, slow on the knees, hips, shoulders and elbows...but I still have a hankering for going fast) I’ll be towing the boat home rather than storing it at the club and I’ve been trying to get some specs on trailers for it. Can anyone help me with that info please? thanks in advance Brett
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