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  1. would seem a more appropriate way to display the previous cups boat given how close to capsizing they were
  2. so FB is not happy that they are on the outside in the same place as AM and INEOS were in the last cup. Maybe LR shouldnt have burned their bridges in AC36 #JustSayin
  3. Until they realised the cringe factor of the free to air broadcast and decided to watch the youtube feeds instead
  4. still doesn't mean that they can force their views on the defender. Still has to be agreed and clearly there may be some parts that don't fit well with the defenders view on things
  5. Asking Gash how his package is - quality journalism there
  6. Surely the height of the pods is not a significant issue given the apparent wind angles they sail at
  7. So by my count that makes it
  8. That was just for the Prada cup. Can’t see ETNZ agreeing to reduce the limits for the AC if they are comfortable in the upper end range
  9. it looks like he's to windward and only walking
  10. So we can assume that the 15:00hrs deadline for measurement certificate must have been done this morning then?
  11. is it? They are on port foil on starboard coming down to the mark and appear to have done the two foil soak for the mark rounding and then continue upwind on the port foil still on starboard tack
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