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  1. Where did you get the delusional idea that I am worried about you? I do not offer advice to fools like you.
  2. I'm impressed with the people from Chicago. Hollywood is hype, New York is talk, Chicago is work. Michael Douglas
  3. I feel sorry for you. How do you get through the day with such a negative attitude? An example of due diligence is not attempting to cross 8 lane highway during rush hour.
  4. I have FT10M Class legal Asymmetrical chute that is like new for sale. PM me a reasonable offer and it is yours.
  5. Only if you are lucky Jersey, you are dead wrong. Luck is only a prerequisite for the blind, the deaf, and of course those who are dumb. There is more to a boat than the model, year, and asking price. It is up to the purchaser to exercise due diligence.
  6. Without factory installed prod and without a Triad road trailer. You get what you pay for.
  7. A well equipped J/100 with factory installed retractable prod and a Triad road trailer is a good deal especially when compared to the price for a J9.
  8. He is a wise man who said that.
  9. Please PM me If you are interested in selling that trailer. If not would you please let me know who built it and how much did it cost. To avoid Tokyo drifts have the tongue weight at ~15% of the total weight.
  10. Going once, going twice, gone. "Price: $280,000 (Sale Pending)"
  11. Based on used 2000 J/105 resale value which is now still >50% of the original price you will have to wait about 80 years for J9 to sell for $25,000.
  12. The usual North Sails marketing hype for their sucker customers that are born every day: "You are paying much more money for much better product." I never purchased a North sail but I sure sailed past and finished ahead of many owners who purchased overpriced North Sails.
  13. What other good options are available to oldsters who want to extend their sailing days? Leaving their hard earned and saved money to their ungrateful children would be silly.
  14. Bravo ! Could not have stated it better myself.
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