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  1. It is clear that as an accountant you enjoy tallying up and down votes much more than racing sailboats. As for me, I am the same person that I have always been as an adult who never cared about popularity votes. As stated previously, while you were trying to get elected to the Student Council, I was boinking the Prom Queens. During the last >50 years I have successfully raced sailboats in USA, Canada, Mexico, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. I've competed in Block Island Race Week, Charleston Race Week, Miami Race Week, Key West Race Week, various SORC multiple week events, and N
  2. Your question would be better if addressed to your Government of UK that has oppressed millions of people during the last 800+ years.
  3. When it comes to sailboat racing, a handful of losers on this thread like BobJ haven't learned to be humble in defeat, and never having won anything of significance they also haven't learned how to be gracious in victory; otherwise they would have been recognized by their peers in a manner much like the one below. J/105 CLASS ASSOCIATION - FLEET 5, LAKE MICHIGAN In Recognition of Significant Contribution To Fleet 5 and LMSRF Area III Patience, Persistence and Perseverance only begin to describe the attributes of this proactive mover and shaker within the community of Ch
  4. It may be difficult to overcome the 12 second PHRF penalty but we will certainly give it our best shot.
  5. You are the chief troll on this thread whose avoidance to provide any race results is a failed attempt to coverup the fact that you are an impotent eunuch.
  6. Support Sailtec; it is a small ma and pa shop. Their rebuilt rams are as good as new.
  7. Like a fish taking a shiny hook, you and a handful of mindless assholes have already been suckered into responding to each of my posts on this thread with thumb down votes. As for my race results in major regattas like the ones below ... 1st place finish in 1999 Chicago Nood Regatta. 2nd place finish in 2010 Chicago Nood Regatta. 1st place finish in 2016 Chicago NoodRegatta. 1st place finish in 2018 Chicago Nood Regatta. ...they are readily available to the public. From 2016 Chicago Nood Regatta SAILING WORLD article: "When the day's only race got underw
  8. Why are you so upset, Limey? I never claimed that all Englishmen have limp wrists.
  9. How is this, Mrs. John Wayne?
  10. Couldn't have said it better myself. That is why opted to buy a well found J/100 that was much more boat for the buck.
  11. I never had problems with those who are openly gay, but you are a Closet Queen which is a different animal.
  12. Why would anyone keep trophies from a small British inland clubs won many years ago unless he had an inferiority complex. All the trophies that were won by my program, many awarded at major regattas, were distributed amongst the crew; I did not keep any of them.
  13. Not odd at all; since I have owned numerous boats and been successfully racing for almost 60 years, I am neither a tire kicker nor a poseur. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  14. The British part explains your limp wrists and your boyfriend's fingers in your bum; not that there is anything wrong with that particular sexual orientation.
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