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  1. Heard a rumour a few years ago that alot of the Sailboat Moulds and Plugs that Andy Wiggers had built over the years, are located in a Field somewhere North, North/West or North/East of where his Shop is located. Does anyone really know if this Field of Moulds actually exists and where it really is located ?? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the photos...giving me some good ideas on what I will do. I'm definitely interested in seeing the Keel and Rudder photos. Is Henderson still designing ? Will look at reaching out to him regarding the Keel and Rudder Designs and what that cost would be, as I want to change them. I also want to add a stationary Sprit about 2 / 3 feet off of the Bow.
  3. Thanks for the photos.... That's it.... Could your friend get you the past owners info and if he can, could you pass it along to me ? Thanks again.
  4. That would be great. If you could get a few different pictures from different angles, it would be appreciated. Could you also ask if he has any info on the Cockpit Update, if he did it or the previous owner. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the Info so far. Does anyone know who owns the boats that had the Transoms re worked. I remember seeing photos of them quite awhile ago on here but searches have brought up nothing.
  6. Looking for Info on the FARR 727's that had their Transoms redesigned and any other work they had done. Any info on these boats would be great, photos as well would be appreciated. Thanks.
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