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  1. idk if you look at the wake it is under power as well.
  2. Steel is a better option than carbon fiber if volume/thickness is a constraint, like in a rudder. CFRP has a better stiffness to weight ratio but per unit of thickness/volume it is around 1/5 as stiff as steel.
  3. I wonder if any of the upgrades AM made were detrimental to their performance. Looking at F1 teams will have upgrade packages throughout the season but there are many times where the "upgrades" result in slower lap times. Wonder if this is a similar case. To my eye they have not behaved the same since they came out with the addition to their keel, although more likely another upgrade in the package.
  4. The purpose of grassroots outreach is to ensure equality of opportunity.....
  5. In the press conference there was a question about their higher foil cant but Terry declined to comment.
  6. Is LR is using a different program for their FCS? https://youtu.be/N8--jRxcXgM?t=9005 Am I the only one noticing how the early the foil starts to raise, then pauses for a sec, then finishes coming up?
  7. How does bragging about a nuclear submarine translate into this thread or Ineos/BA capibility ? IMO critical and shallow only valuing success is better than blind adoration failing to find any faults. If you can't/refuse to recognize problems how will you improve? I have no stake in this game but its amusing how so many rational people can become so unhinged discussing a topic that they are attached to. Its not like you are actually a part of the teams. re the BA leadership debate. Try comparing Spithill's dialogue with the public and onboard comms when they were getti
  8. https://youtu.be/HjR9O96-VrI?t=8067 Here is another example of TR hydraulic system (possibly) not working. From race 8 vs Ineos. https://youtu.be/Hn8p1eGmjn0?t=7709 Here is the view from the onboard cam but for some reason the camera freezes exactly when the fall off the foils.
  9. https://youtu.be/XevjFVrYMvw?t=3556 Here is the timestamp of the splashdown from the onboard cam (you may have to use VPN to view). Looks like ETNZ has had some troubles with the FCS themselves..... Technically they are carbon fiber reinforced plastic (composite) From Boeing: Fiber-reinforced plastics are corrosion resistant, but plastics reinforced with carbon fibers can induce galvanic corrosion in attached aluminum structure. Even if the carbon fiber is suspended in epoxy the fibers can still conduct electricity....
  10. Idk how closely you watches their races but the foils were "leaking" water for several seconds after they were lifted from the water. Very odd
  11. I don't think the boom/sail controls are fast enough? It is highly unlikely their foil calculations were so far off from reality. Not sure if you've seen this post from another thread.
  12. Watching the start of the Ineos vs ETNZ race today I noticed that the movement of the main on Ineos does not look nearly as smooth as LR or ETNZ, or even AM for the matter. The unfolding of the sail from one side to another is not in line with the rotation of the boat with respect to the wind, its almost as if the boom on Ineos has to overcome a kink or something. This can be seen clearly observed comparing the timing of the flipping of mainsail of the respective boats with the flipping of the headsail. Ineos seems to be half a second behind while all the other boats flip the main in sync with
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