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  1. We had a Catalina 22 as our first boat. Our daughter was 2 at the time. My wife insisted we put netting on as it gave her peace of mind. I knew it did nothing to keep our daughter onboard. It lasted one season before I couldn’t take it anymore and ripped it off while out using the boat by myself. I made exactly what toddster suggested for the netting sections back at the cockpit, that way while out sailing by myself I could easily remove the entire cockpit panel as the netting would interfere with the winches with such narrow side decks. We did everything we could to instill safety a
  2. It’s come a long long way. I’d love to see them. Perhaps pm me so we don’t disturb the real art going on here too much.
  3. Check out keyshot. It’s what I use. It blows away the rhino renderer with zero work.
  4. Yes! I love Rhino but slowly transitioning more towards Solid Edge.
  5. I doodle boat hulls in cad after my kids go to bed. Feel free to check out my Instagram to see them all. I try to do a couple a week. Also boring pictures of our O’Day 34 Hornet based in RI. https://www.instagram.com/sy_hornet/ I’m not trying for extreme accuracy with them. Just a general doodle. I do marine design/engineering cad all day long and it’s just nice to unwind doodling. Here’s a taste.
  6. A Catalina 22 was my entrance into real boats. I now have a souped up O’Day 34 (the only in the world like it) I miss that little Catalina 22 for it’s simplicity. Frank’s 22 can be directly linked to my families enjoyment with sailing and the water lifestyle. Hooked for life because of his boat.
  7. They’re here I believe based on the video and google satellite photos. I’m from Warwick but generally don’t go over to that side of Warwick. You can match up the buildings/scenery with google satellite view. We keep our boat in East Greenwich. I had a feeling they’d be over there. Those marinas in there are generally much cheaper. Dropped pin Near Warwick, RI https://goo.gl/maps/hEc5xqxjVGgX8KUt7
  8. Check out the “Crash Safe Bulb” http://www.apm-keels.com/
  9. Sailing back after a Wednesday night race.
  10. I restored a 1985 over 3 years. If the boat doesn’t have it one of the first things I would do is the adjustable backstay. That should have been the first mod I did but for one reason or another I never did it. Every season I wished I had it.
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