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  1. I am planning a sailing trip to Greece in May or June. Does anyone out there recommend a charter company? I used Dream Yacht last time around (2019) and I didn't love them. Thanks
  2. I've been eyeballing the Velociteck Prostart but at $1k I am reluctant to pull the trigger without some more info. I understand mostly what it does but a complete description is remarkably hard to find. Does anyone out there use one? Has it been valuable in improving starts and helping to take advantage of wind shifts? Based on the videos that I have seen on what it does I am somewhat skeptical /confused on whether it really provides relevant info. Not sure how else to describe it without going deep into geometry. I assume anyone who uses it will understand where I am coming from on this. Mayb
  3. Clean bottom, folding prop. good sails, good traveller. adjustable jib cars, hank on headsail (no roller furler) remove as much weight as you can (empty water tanks, fill fuel tank only 1/3 full, remove anything from boat you don't use including deep cycle batteries, drawers, cushions, etc)
  4. Who am I to tell non-white people what to do with their spare time? They can do what they want.
  5. I'm a symmetrical man, myself. Lot's of pesky J-105's running around where I sail and the one advantage I can have over them is that I can run directly downwind where they can't.
  6. It's all about what is for sale near you. At that price range you are probably looking at 9m or less.
  7. Read the fine print but, in general, yes. A tow can easily run $1000 or more.
  8. I've dealt with similar bullshit both buying and selling a boat. Best not to do any kind of deposit and to pay cash. Sounds to me like maybe someone is getting scammed. Either you or her. I would never accept a sight unseen offer. Almost certainly a scam. In your case, she may be just scamming people for deposits. That is not uncommon. It may not even be her boat.
  9. Looks like the same reason as for winglets on a jet wing. Increases efficiency by reducing vortex shedding off of the tip.
  10. I agree with the overall message that RC duty needs to be taken seriously. That last line is a bit passive/aggressive which is always a douchy way of dealing with people.
  11. Your'e in the right ball park. Moving the sails down a foot will reduce the heeling moment by the % lowered at least at first. As the boat heels over the location of the center of effort approaches the old location until it is the same as the old location when the mast is horizontal. So, that means as the boat heels the lowered CE location becomes less effective. With all that said, it will reduce heel.
  12. Seems to be stretching the definition of "yacht".
  13. Yes. That is pretty common. If it was just one person I would say that you did your job well. There's always one.
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