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  1. Thank you for the info / tips! One more question, how easy is it to stash a motor and cooler up front under the deck and keep them in place during a race? I think the local PHRF rules require a motor in (or on) the boat at all times.
  2. I've heard the optimal weight for a viper 640 is somewhere between 500 - 600 lbs. What if the combined skipper + crew weight is more like 300 lbs, how much wind would it take before you'd be overpowered? I'm wondering how how easy/difficult it is to double-hand one of them.
  3. It might be the self quarantine talking, but I could probably talk myself into paying around ~20k including any transport fees… Keeping it closer to 13k is more appealing of course. I like the idea of a small cabin mainly as a place for storing gear, and as a place to put the ever important beer cooler. I don’t really care about being able to sit down there. My understanding is that a melges does at least have that kind of room. This would be the first boat owned, but far from the first one sailed/raced. 420s, Hobie 33, J/22, etc. The boats I'd be competing against range from 90
  4. Hi All, I am interested in buying a keelboat and the three boats I currently have under consideration are: Ultimate 20 J/80 Melges 24 It may be a while before I can actually test sail any of these with that whole Covid-19 thing going on, but I am hoping you all can help answer a few questions in the meantime. My desire is for a boat that can be easily day sailed by 2 people and ideally raced by 2 people as well (at least in winds < 10 knots). I would just be doing casual races and fun sailing at my local club (on a lake), and do not have any plans to travel for r
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