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  1. I know right, they are pretty outdoorsy and did it a few seasons way back in the 90s.
  2. This is great stuff! When unearthed the numbers on the rotted transom bar, under layers of paint....I figured it might be a clue as to who was doing that. The previous owner wasn't sure if the sail numbers were correct to the hull. Thanks for the history on the boats from that time, there is very little I've been able to come across. I think your right on the Parker, the rondar clue I had was I saw one with those curvy thwarts, and the parkers I had seen had more to the style I added. Anyway, those were pretty weak, adding the plywood really stiffened things up. I'll be replacing that
  3. Thanks FY, I saw some fairey photos,. Also. The curvy cross members in particular stand out, also the centerboard trunk construction do could be . At the end the builder is a curiosity. It has a great rig and relatively little major issues for an old boat. , it sails!! Going out this weekend.
  4. I all, Im a newbie to the forum and have been using the archives a bit to help me rig this 505. Its hull number 2967, and I bought it from a friends who sailed and camped out of its for years. Not sure where he got it, but it was in his barn and in decent condition and the rest is history. I posted a link to my Goog;e photos https://photos.app.goo.gl/TVtz2i5PCBAzQhFN6 if anyone care to have a look. Basically I stripped the hardware. Epoxyied the hull deck joint as needed, reglassed the hull deck joint, stripped and epoxy and varnished the foredeck, and replced the rotted transom cross me
  5. You might also look into using Smiths epoxy. IT works well with not so great shape wood. I havnt used it myself, but my buddy is using it and Im just staring to look into it on my 505
  6. Personally id try to get a good idea of how wet the ply wood is. soak it really good over a few days with Denatured alcohol or acetone to help evaporate moisture. I d try to bond it by injecting a thickest paste that a syringe will pass. Id use west system epoxy mixed with their high density filler (not the low density one). but first id grind a bit of the yellow glass back a bit. like nodrug said reverse clamp it by making shims tha will hold the plastic to the wood. Id use a lot of those. Then id come back and run a bead of that along the edge where you gorund your glass back. let
  7. I saw the black deck. Actually I meant to post it in the CL ad section but got screwed up.
  8. https://wilmington.craigslist.org/boa/d/wilmington-parker-505-sailboat/7145797512.html
  9. Old Yeller, Hey so this was me! I posted her for sale, had a legit buyer wanting to take her sight unseen from 700 miles away. Had Sellers remorse, cause she is so dam cool. and ... well...I found my way here and whilst looking for restoration advice, came across my old CL post link in your post. I'd like to start a new thread with questions, but since I first landed here figured I'd say WHAT UP!!! This boat has a fine history in the sense she survived 15 years under a covered shed in the mountains after she taught my friends to Sail and camp from a 505....they went on to trailer sail
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