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  1. The boat has essentially a J24 mast so look to that for line sizing. I'm using an 8mm tapered dyneema core halyard and have no issue running through the sheave. Main sheet loads are low, there is no winch and a 6:1 purchase. Line sizing is basically just for easy grasp by hand. My boat has 3/8 for main and jib sheets, your spreadsheet says 12mm (1/2) which is way to big, no wonder it doesn't run that freely.
  2. BTW I have no idea how fast I've gone... everytime it's in the double digits I'm too busy to look at the GPS. Need to record tracks like you do. Most of the time I'm relaxing with the tiller in one hand and a beverage in the other doing an easy 7-9 knots. Self tacking jib FTW. I did have a sudden gust come up when I was out solo with no reef in took off like a rocket, passed a heeled over monohull like it was stopped. Only when I started to get waves over the leeward hull did I realize that I was being dumb and probably moments away from a pitchpole. Luckily I have bilge pumps installed (since
  3. Signed up just to comment on this thread. I am also the owner of a Maine Cat 22 in Boston. I obtained a replacement trampoline net from atninc.com. They should still have the dimensions. It's not the same type of net, it's much better and more open. I removed the existing plastic retaining pieces and instead put small stainless eyebolts in the screw holes that where used to mount the plastic, then lashed the net to those eyebolts. Worked great and was inexpensive. Might ask them to increase the dimensions 2 inches in each direction. My boat had some oddities, it had the outboard mounted a
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