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  1. Not sure about the ownership structure, but apparently it’s being run by a blend of 3 real estate firms and the county: https://danapointharbor.com/about-us/ Bellwether Financial Group operates the slips. One might guess that someone is getting paid handsomely to soak boaters.
  2. Hopefully this will put some great boats on the market. Maybe they’ll clear out the waitlist too. If only SB would increase to market rates we might be able to put some downward pressure on the stupid black market up here.
  3. Algae. Totally natural in shallow-ish lakes
  4. Why isn’t Taxi racing anymore? They dumped a ton of cash into her in the last few years but now the boat hardly ever leaves its slip.
  5. J/100s are nice daysailers. What’s with the obsession over upvotes and downvotes, turds, and apparently BobJ’s johnson?
  6. Couldn’t they just hose down the interior and let the mess drain out the hole where the keel was?
  7. Get a free ad blocker. It makes browsing the web and watching YouTube videos much more pleasant.
  8. Not sure if you intended it to be, but that was effing funny
  9. Depends where the boat lives / has been stored. My 1970s J24 is dry as a bone, but it's in Southern California where most boats bake in the sun all day. A drop of water doesn't last long out here.
  10. Minor thread hijack, but does anyone have any recommendations for iPhone or Apple Watch apps to get SOG? They both have GPS in them and there are apps that will give you driving, etc speed but not sure how well they'd work for sailing. Giving the speed to the nearest MPH or two every so often is good enough for a car, but in sailing we're interested in speed down to fractions of a knot up to several times a second. Yeah I know a speedpuck is better if you want to watch your speed over the course of a race, but a 99 cent app is a hell of a lot cheaper for occasional use, e.g., when you want to
  11. Sail number? Verm status? Condition of the mast, trailer, etc? One benefit of the old hatches is that they’re a lot lighter, so your COG stays a little lower. If the comment about the glass is intended to imply a soggy core, then yeah you could do better with another boat, unless it’s otherwise in outstanding shape and you like doing repairs.
  12. To me that's part of the attraction of J Boats. They crush it upwind. Plus most of them can be shorthanded, so you don't have to assemble a crew for a day sail. Santa Cruz boats are nice but they purpose built for downwind racing and don't go to weather worth much. They're also basically impossible to single or short hand without a ton of modifications. Yeah, I know Hal Roth went around the marble solo on an SC 50 but it wasn't an off-the-shelf build and he wasn't an ordinary sailor.
  13. Nice. How often do you do that? Once every 5-10 years?
  14. Comprehensive insurance: ~$1900 / year Property / luxury tax in CA: ~$4000 / year Slip: $700 - $900 / month depending on the marina Diver: $60 - $120 / month depending on whether it's 1x or 2x / month Maintenance: $500 / month (just a total WAG), of which, say, $200 is for cash expenses and $300 is to budget for some of the larger items below Total: $21k to $24k / year, or a little under $2k / month for all operating costs How far off is this? Big ticket maintenance items out of the maintenance reserve mentioned above: Rig every 15-20 years. It w
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