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  1. Always the smart thing to do.(from the times I forgot... ) Those are some thick cables. Which is a given considering the current involved but still took me by suprise. Good that you have such short runs. Am I seeing it right that the charger is fan cooled?(but the ESC isn't?) Does allow for quicker charging but how are you going to deal with the intended installation? There isn't a lot of air volume beneath the bunks.
  2. No idea where you#re based... But asking Bull about the surplus 1003 he has couldn't hurt if you're somewhere in range.
  3. Oh, Yeah, those are notorious and can be tricky or laborious to fix. (ours have been holding up for a decade now with no sign of issues. But then we had used a whole tube of sealant and ran a bead afterwards)
  4. Must have missed it on their website. 8inch screen – Brightness: 1000 cd/m2 (1000 nits) – Gorilla Glass 3rd generation
  5. You have installed deck level lights?(here one multi purpose, meaning tricolor and anchor white, top light is sufficient for the boat size) Repainting the transom to the same level the rest of the boat is at explains the long time frame very well. Plus all the small adjustments that come with a custom installation. Too bad about the time not on the water though.
  6. For comparison I took a pic in full sun with both ipad and sailproof at full brightness. The latter is more readable in person too. Then realized that you're looking for a professional application(no idea how I missed that yesterday, sorry) and not sure if this tablet checks all the marks.(I have no experience there)
  7. That's good news. What would be the timeframe for splashdown? I think you mentioned a fairly swift turnabout previously. And have you made any changes since then or has the system stayed as planned?
  8. I've bought the sailproof tablet for exactly that good readability in sunlight, with water on the screen and reasonably long battery life. And to be true, I can use the screen as a true flashlight if I wanted to. I can not however say much about personal use experience yet. Been a very cold and wet spring leaving the opportunities to test it somewhat on the rare side.(not always unpacking for a quick afternoon sail either) Maybe keep a look on the Figaro sailor using/testing it. I'll say more on it when I got the opportunity for sunny days. https://sailproof.shop/2021/02/25/sailproof-
  9. No lifelines on my small boat and I don't have a pic for one in the marina with it. But looked up a website of someone describing their own switch to synthetic. Scroll down a little and you'll see how they used a smaller diameter line to tighten the lifeline. That is how I did it in aforementioned case and it held up perfectly fine. https://mosaicvoyage.com/2021/02/16/replacing-standard-cable-lifelines-with-dyneema-synthetic-lifelines-on-a-cruising-sailboat/ I can see how rope is easier to handle compared to the standard wire considering we all tend to carry a knife of so
  10. Any particular reason why you're not splicing the lifelines and tighten them with a more conventional lashing? It does not look quite as neat but is still fairly minor.(while at no expense or weight a metal adjuster would bring) About the mini adventure. The link I bookmarked is currently offline. But you are referring to the difficulty of both pulling oneself up and that squeezing through the lifelines with an inflated lifevest isn't going to happen? Guess I never thought much of it on account of not having lifelines on the h-boat. And never being truly far off shore... Though
  11. Took longer to get my hands on the first pair to test out.(had to order instead of in store afterall) results for the zhik ones are kind of disappointing. Good boots, don‘t get me wrong. But fit wise a resounding meh and for that I don‘t have to spend extra money. More specifically I ordered oversize as is my habit due to fit expectations. A bit looser in the heal area but nothing terrible. And yet still too narrow, narrowing down, at the toes while the sole gets too long. My usual „trick“ of removing the inner sole doesn‘t help with these either because they are made quite st
  12. The no hydrocarbon thing may be a stretch marketing. Though the spirit yachts owner said they do spent a lot of time picking out materials made from renewable material(bio epoxies instead of oil based for example). May misremember that for the things were that is impossible they buy certificates to counterbalance. Anyway, stays are synthetic/carbon. So i‘m kind of expecting sails will be made with recycled/biopolymer fibers.(same as marlow rope‘s bio dyneema)
  13. WoT wasn't mentioned but the owner is going to set up a website with all the data so that will be easy to look over. Likely won't be a super large range as you said. But you have read the article to the end, right? "Motoring into a stiff head breeze" is explicitly not what it is supposed to do. Edit: one minute of web search for actually informing oneself 1kW whilst sailing at 7-8 knots stated. On their website 0,5kW at 6kn. SD15 is 15kW Motor, range at 5kn is stated 25nm.
  14. Woe is him too. Shucks that you slipped out the window before due to the delays with the control parts. Do you at least have pleasant sailing conditions? Here it is pretty nice, though every other day cold north winds that require a few more layers.
  15. Haven't sailed contender myself, but maybe the german class assosiation has some useful for you resources? Specifically the two large resolution diagrams found here: https://contenderclass.de/images/stories/equipment.pdf https://contenderclass.de/images/stories/measuring_diagram.pdf Otherwise I'd recommend contacting them. Most can speak english and generally a very helpful bunch.
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