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  1. Bull and I talked about that before. He stores it in the cockpit locker(4kg and a little chain right below helmsman) since that is much nicer to deploy from there as opposed to storing it in the cabin more forward as I tend to.(8kg, leaded rope. seldomly deployed)
  2. Hahaha, it is like that! (when underway alone/no gear) That's why the race sailors move one crew to the mast in light wind.(or I stash bags and gear in the V-berth) Losing a few kg usually doesn't hurt either. But so does delicious food! Anyway, beautiful spot and shot! Makes me want to rip off the motor bracket as well...(won't for now as a fallback. Besides, still have the mounts for swimming ladder that are still needed. Rest of the family vetoed rope ladder)
  3. Okay, that complicates your confounding issues by a lot. Any chance you can get your dealer to mail you another remote so you can mess around without fear of bricking the entire drive you kind of need? I'd suggest resetting/repairing everything if not for risk of the pod not working at all afterwards. Which a second remote would alleviate and you spent enough that a bit of plastic should be in the budget.
  4. That is significantly more disconcerting for usability! Curiousity had me leafing through the eprop manuals for a bit and I wonder if you already tried the old "turn it off and on again?" I mean (re)pairing the remote control with the motor controls. It shouldn't do anything, but you know how these things can be... Anyway, from what you've said I gathered you have two issues. The remote shows you the wrong speed and the charge level(range as well) does not appear to display correctly? No idea what's up with the former. The GPS sensor is supposed to be in the driver unit. The one
  5. Yeah, about that. It is like virtually anything IT. Half the people aren't familiar with the task at hand and this is how it ends up. It should work but support is not existing for a lot of consumer grade tech and I don't know where I was going with this. Yeah, sad to hear that you're going through that frustrating experience of trying to get all the functionality you paid for and that should come out of the box. To be fair, the torqedo as well as eprop outboard are one unit "packed and tested at the factory" whereas your current one "should" run. With which I just mean to say that t
  6. Fingers crossed! That is one of those typical boat tinkering moments. Love it.
  7. Yes! (nevermind documentation. Will be plenty of opportunity) Nooooo! Anyway, when you say poorly written is it only the usual illegible chinese translated crap or really useless? Would like to hear how your supported attempt at solving this programming issue goes. Getting back before/with the downpour sounds like it already functions well... Perfect. Sounds like that part of the operation went well. I take it then you won't have to worry about anchor placement anymore?(or figured out a new method?)
  8. Now I see it too... Though I do wonder how much of a difference it makes underway? While at anchor it is certainly very noticable... And then I realize that some casual day sailers don't care that much about sail shape as long as it's passable(upwind)
  9. Isn't that what a jib boom is for? Why not put one on these boats, too ugly/in the way?
  10. Well, I can't speak for your specific yard but covid is a suprisingly good(terrible) bet on a global scale. I know enough hospitals that had to/did defer non essential treatments so who knows how messed your boatyard owner's time schedule was. Parts are bogged all over in the system. A lot of stuff still goes around as it should, but I am also waiting on some things with no estimated arrival... I suppose you can only ask. But I don't really see how/where you should have cost overruns. Some extra expenses for the things you added as the yardtime went on, but all of those should be tra
  11. In that case sealant should be sufficient(or epoxy I suppose but more of a pain to clean. May want to lubricate the screws though I don't know with what besides release wachs to avoid issues in the future). Safe yourself the work and sail instead, it will be fine.
  12. Point of interest, were they lose after the damage? If they weren't there may be nothing in need of fixing. It's also the mast step, most force is compressive and not carried by the screws so back to the above, is there any actual need?
  13. Well, the wooden trim on the sliding hatch is screwed on your boat too? I noticed at mine that there was no sealant between that and the hatch itself or it was simply too old and had begun leaking. Point is that (temporarily) running a bead there put a stop to it. Was dripping amounts though since the joint is relatively tight. Can't see it on this picture, but the inner lip has a bead running around? With both I had no problem at all keeping the moisture out. A cover should do just as well though.
  14. Wait what? How exactly are your hatches made? I have no such issues at all with the cabin always being bone dry(needed to rebed some bolts over the years but everything good now for five or so).
  15. No kidding. I've been looking for ages for a coiled cable to better accomodate the telescoping shaft for my own installation and had no luck(or abhorrent pricing for anything close to suitable). Until yesterday someone off handedly remarks that you can easily wind your own coiled wires with PVC mantle thermoforming! Going to try that as soon as I have the heatgun back...
  16. Well, you sound already well prepared in that regard.(following rule number one of just keeping it dry in the first place ) I suppose you could test it.(place some (rice)paper inside and swamp the place with fresh water) I don't know anything in particular about the battery though. Leaving that to Bull or you could contact Epropulsion themselves/the dealers. Appear fairly well sealed but not watertight. Direct exposure would probably become an issue. You could plop it into a plastic box inside the hatch if you have the extra space?(which battery size are you getting again?)
  17. Why don't you think you can get it water tight? (pic would also be nice to get an overview)
  18. I don't know the latter boat.... For the H-boat though it does produce little wake generally until 6kn or so. Which matches the hull speed somewhere around 6,5kn where the wake suddenly sucks up all along the transom.(or the boat drop into its trough, however one wants to put it) Or did you mean something else and I just missed the point?
  19. You already know about landscape mode next time then I already liked what you've shown. Really goes through the waves with aplomb. Really shows what three times the power and a more suitable prop placement does! Like that I can easily believe its ability to stop the boat as well. Eager to see her sailing again.
  20. Not on site, you need to upload them to some kind of platform as Ishmael said. Would love to see that in addition to what you've already posted. That picture was at WOT? Anyway, you already said maneuverability was good? So flow over the rudder has proven sufficient and you aren't missing the ability to turn the prop? And stopping works well too?(I expect it given the prop, but is there much of any noticable difference between forward and backwards thrust?)
  21. Hot damn! That turned out very well. I think that size looks far better compared to the one you posted earlier. Looks like it saw some water too?
  22. Need to stop you right there. and pardon my crassness, but that is bullshit and I can not believe you took even two minutes to look it up online. The data is readily available. Life cycle emissions assessments already exist for all types of cars. Result is that off the assembly line an electric car over a 200kkm driven distance creates about half the emissions a fossil fuel one does. and yes, calculated withh the current electricity mix including coal and so on. You could switch to the same type of car(a little smaller "tank" aside) and not give up anything aside from 400+km drives
  23. bft - Beaufort scale -> Rough estimates for where I want the trim to be before adjusting Numbers are Loose Gauge otherwise.
  24. Only big chafe area I can see would be shrouds were the lazy sheet gets dragged during a gybe and forestay toggle maybe. Besides spreaders nothing seems to stick out for more chafe. Jib is zipped as you said for the 505. I‘m sure to get a look if it gets adopted. (No expense I need due to spares, but cool)
  25. How is the chafe issue being adressed if it is any issue at all? The 49er rig does work rather a lot so that is a concern, right? I reckon just smooth inserts for the spreader tips or something like that? Not that I am going to change anything on my two masts before my wires show signs of breakage and with how little I currently get to take out the 49er that is going to be a while... Very inspiring read, thanks!
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