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  1. Maybe time for TNZ to call on prodigal son Chris Liddell to go get some of the Trump money, maybe GM or Microsoft...
  2. Sir Jim comes out supporting his doping cycling team manager.... Marginal gains? Sure it happened in the past, before he took the "owner" role but everyone knew SKY riders were on TUEs and now worse evidence given the court case last week... Does it relate to the AC, not really, but it does go to how one plays the game. Good to see that by not asking his team principal if they were doping he keeps his hands clean - "Ratcliffe said he has not yet spoken to team principal Brailsford after former Team Sky doctor Richard Freeman was struck off by a medical tribunal" https://www.cyclingwee
  3. Good news! NBC has realized how it underserved the AC market in the US and will be stepping up relevant coverage...
  4. Good catch - the point was that the AC match rules will fall somewhat below " can food trucks exist in NYC and not workers comp"... All in good fun.
  5. Oh, they will take it, they will slot it in right about 2036 after they are done with 50 Trump cases, challenges to de-funding the police, 2 more years of lawsuits about opening schools and lawsuits on if college should be free and is it ok to do tuition strikes. ; )
  6. I wasn't referencing NYYC in particular, I was referencing the US attendance lopsided or not but your point is valid. Either way it will be the end of a 125+ year streak of US participation, and I said the same thing about NZL and others being excluded when the SUI/USA DoG match occurred. When DoG matches happen it is unfortunate because they generally happen when the cup had been building/maintaining participation and rich guys don't like larger participation, too many variables to control (e.g. 2003/2007 Larry buying 2 cup teams of sailors and benching them "while paid" to remove the
  7. And if the 1:1 is the preferred path then we are on track for no American team in an AC cycle for the first time in the history of the Cup...
  8. I can’t wait to hear Letitia Ann James response when you ask her to comment on the Americas Cup Deed of Gift ... Should be epic....
  9. You might as well asked how they were to first to fly, invented jogging or the Zorb while you were at it........ Or flat white coffee,
  10. Dateline 2017 “The return to monohull racing for the America’s Cup means that the 52 Super Series will be great racing for our sailing team,” said Ainslie. “Tony Langley is one of the biggest supporters of British sailing and this will give us a unique opportunity to return to the subtleties of monohull sailing at an extremely high level. This allows not just our sailing team, but also our design and performance teams to start developing our tools and methodology as we begin our 36th America’s Cup campaign.” Said Ben before walking out the door to effectively race for Monaco.... Mayb
  11. Someone in one of the camps - I did not either, but it is someone that was a backer in the past and active at the highest levels of GP racing, so there is passion, not just green-washing.
  12. I am hearing that the GBR’s Royal Yacht Squadron challenge is NOT INEOS, but is from another UK based billionaire, has anyone in the UK heard the same?
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