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  1. Amazing you are doing this. Shame I did not check Facebook until after you were in NYC, would have been great to grab a beer as you were just a block away from us at one point. Although the sailing was great, I will have to say being part of the DRYA phrf meeting when they tried to rate the Santana 35 for Tuesday nights was a high point of my sailmaking days (1993?). Funny when you point out that an owner keeps their bottom cleaned, sails with people that hike, tests and updates the sail inventory annually and practices or sails up to 4 times a week can get you asked to not return t
  2. Talking of necks earlier - KMAG has said that the late call up did not give him enough time to get ready for the F1 g-forces and his neck having to be strapped in has resulted in lost qualifying places and race places …
  3. “Given” an additional 44% share in a company busted for oil smuggling (under his watch) by a man sanctioned by the U.S. and not allowed to travel to the US. Lot of interesting things happening between 2013 and 2017.
  4. I have always said there was a very clear reason why they sailed in Bermuda….
  5. There was one more in the US , the 1979 Cookson Downtown built for Bill Martin of Detroit the President of USYRU. Maybe it was that one …
  6. Silver Shadow lV was a Kevlar deep keel C&C 44 built for the 1985 SORC, run with/by the Doyle factory team. They lost two rigs that series. The boat ended up in Detroit where it sailed for many years as Blitz. It was the last boat I ever sailed with wire luffed 1.5 oz kites and bloopers … it was actually a very nice boat for a 1985 IOR boat.
  7. 1987 Maxi World Championships - Obsession S&S72 - Then and now
  8. Keeping on topic...... Davison looking worse for wear.
  9. Well , it is certainly no missed runner...... Last saw Container in Palma many years ago. One of my favs. FYI - it was really windy that day in Japan.
  10. Sort of looks like Perfect Stranger the Pinnacle 29 when you put it like that ....
  11. I to think that while we all love to see these old boats restored, we do have have to admit, they were quite terrible to sail at times....
  12. Nope - not a lot of distance racing at world championships anymore. There was the 200 mile distance race at the 2006 TP52 worlds from Miami, to Bahamas to Lauderdale and back, but really it was a 15 hour overnighter which shows how fast the new boats are vs. how long that race took in the 1987 SORC even for the 50s of that generation. I only really posted this because we are seeing more and more of those famous Farr one tonners (top 7 of 25 at that event) looking like this... Credit to Sleddog from a few pages back.
  13. By farr (pun intended) one of the best events ever.... With the exception of the distance race. http://rbsailing.blogspot.com/2014/08/one-ton-cup-1988.html
  14. Agree. You can note history but you can not rely on it for future success. I recently had a discussion about a high-end restaurant, family place that is 3 generations old, famous on the US West Coast. During Covid, the brothers launched 22 business models in 12 months to save their place, and keep every staff member employed. Each business model had 2 weeks to survive or die. The mentality they describe is "for the sake of our next generation, we wake up every morning and have to admit, that if our rear-view mirror is larger than our windshield, our business is dead...." I thought
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