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  1. 1987 Maxi World Championships - Obsession S&S72 - Then and now
  2. Keeping on topic...... Davison looking worse for wear.
  3. Well , it is certainly no missed runner...... Last saw Container in Palma many years ago. One of my favs. FYI - it was really windy that day in Japan.
  4. Sort of looks like Perfect Stranger the Pinnacle 29 when you put it like that ....
  5. I to think that while we all love to see these old boats restored, we do have have to admit, they were quite terrible to sail at times....
  6. Nope - not a lot of distance racing at world championships anymore. There was the 200 mile distance race at the 2006 TP52 worlds from Miami, to Bahamas to Lauderdale and back, but really it was a 15 hour overnighter which shows how fast the new boats are vs. how long that race took in the 1987 SORC even for the 50s of that generation. I only really posted this because we are seeing more and more of those famous Farr one tonners (top 7 of 25 at that event) looking like this... Credit to Sleddog from a few pages back.
  7. By farr (pun intended) one of the best events ever.... With the exception of the distance race. http://rbsailing.blogspot.com/2014/08/one-ton-cup-1988.html
  8. Agree. You can note history but you can not rely on it for future success. I recently had a discussion about a high-end restaurant, family place that is 3 generations old, famous on the US West Coast. During Covid, the brothers launched 22 business models in 12 months to save their place, and keep every staff member employed. Each business model had 2 weeks to survive or die. The mentality they describe is "for the sake of our next generation, we wake up every morning and have to admit, that if our rear-view mirror is larger than our windshield, our business is dead...." I thought
  9. NYYC and AM are starting to look like Bobby and Whitney.... And good for Tyson.
  10. Maybe time for TNZ to call on prodigal son Chris Liddell to go get some of the Trump money, maybe GM or Microsoft...
  11. So class rules for Moths and A Cats are sexist ?
  12. Sir Jim comes out supporting his doping cycling team manager.... Marginal gains? Sure it happened in the past, before he took the "owner" role but everyone knew SKY riders were on TUEs and now worse evidence given the court case last week... Does it relate to the AC, not really, but it does go to how one plays the game. Good to see that by not asking his team principal if they were doping he keeps his hands clean - "Ratcliffe said he has not yet spoken to team principal Brailsford after former Team Sky doctor Richard Freeman was struck off by a medical tribunal" https://www.cyclingwee
  13. Good news! NBC has realized how it underserved the AC market in the US and will be stepping up relevant coverage...
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