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  1. So, now that you fellas are done shitposting, sit yourself down and let me give you some realtalk. I'm not worried about offending those that don't deserve being offended, as it will quickly become clear whether what I am saying applies to you or not. I see you trying really hard to get a rise out of me, it must be tough on you that it doesn't work. Pro-tip - liking eachother's shitposts doesn't make you look smart, all I see is a couple of losers jerking each other off. Anyway, what you are missing is that for you to be able to offend me I have to respect you and care about your
  2. Honestly, he sounds like a fine gentleman. Anyway, there is nothing more to be gained on this thread. I'm unsubbing. Feel free to troll on my future threads. Anyway, I have some kebab to remove in my EU4 game. Later
  3. You over estimate my tolerance for bullshit. I am a 4chan vet, I have the capability to quit when people no longer amuse me. The same goes for blocking people.
  4. I guess they order their supplies from off island. There are only 5 hardware store here and I asked them all. All you are doing is highlighting your ignorance mate. I don't really appreciate being called a liar when I am giving useful information. Refill canisters are not available, so if they do use them then they use a big bottle. Also, copper plumbing pipe isn't available, they use pvc. Perhaps they use welding torches to repair fridges. Idk, but I am telling you the facts as they are.
  5. Anyway, if any of you do ever come here to Mindelo, here's a list of other basic items that are not available - 2 part epoxy resin in quantities of less than 1 liter 2 part polyurethane paint, or any two part paint for that matter small sizes if wood not available at hardware store - you have to go out of town to the big lumber yard, and it is expensive blue painter's tape normal grade sikaflex The marina (a bunch a fcking twats) have a limited chandlery, but everything is 50%+ more than you might expect, 100%+ more if they have to order it in. Feel free to
  6. Nah, I'm good as far as needing help on this goes, there's actually quite a lot of info online now that I looked properly. But if you say that the guy's is worth unblocking then I will. Which person should I unblock? I blocked two.
  7. Then why didn't he help? Anyway, I have done more research on google now and don't need help. If putting up with his shit is the price to pay then I will take my chances without it, thanks.
  8. Additionally, a torch is a much better long term solution, as butane here is $1.20/kg, and the refills in the Canaries for the portable bottles were $2 for 250ml. My main gas bottle is only 6kg, so not so large that I can't move it to where it is needed.
  9. If people are going to be an asshole to me on my first post am going to block them on my first post. Or does the number of shitty posts you have made here give you some special reason to be respected that I don't understand?
  10. Then you don't have any experience living here. All the shops are small privately owned businesses, there is not central location for them to order from, and they are not going to order stock just because one foreigner wants it. This is the island Capital, there is nowhere else to look, and I am not going to another island just to look. I agree that the fact that such a simple item is not available is ridiculous, but it is how it is.
  11. Wait a second... Are you saying that we don't want them to hurt or kill themselves? I'm not sure I can support that
  12. Yea, mostly, but a couple have had useful things to say. Though having done further research I found that the job is not as hard or as dangerous as I suspected. Still, your statement probably holds true for most of these fuckers
  13. Here there is no problem buying butane/propane, except the refill canisters for the standard disposable hand held torches. So i need a torch that connects to a hose. Most places do not ship to Cape Verde at all, and if they do the prices are ridiculous. The only place that does reasonable shipping rates is China (Alibaba), and even they are not that cheap. I do plan to ship a few things I am ordering to my gf in Poland, then get her to ship it here, overall that will be cheaper, but much longer. I've done a bit more research now, and I don't see any major safety issues with fabricating this. I
  14. Ah, a bit of light hearted trolling is fine with me. Only 2 of the most toxic assholes on this thread really deserved blocking imo. Now that I see the general standard of comments here, I appreciate your relatively objective comment earlier, cheers mate.
  15. Yea yea, I know how to google. I would give you an upvote but that meme has already been done on this thread. I just wanted to get some advice from someone that has experience doing so. It has been enlightening, but only in regards to what I can expect from this forum. Now that that is clear I shall proceed accordingly in future.
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