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  1. For the viewer, this is a great situation. Super close, not one-sided, more races to be viewed. Clearly both teams would have aimed to be winning 4-0 at this point, but both would be happy enough as they are competitive and still have an opportunity to win this thing. Not having much racing lately, ETNZ might have more scope to improve. Who knows....??
  2. Looks like the general Auckland forecasting is 6kts at 1600. Does anyone have a forecast for the racecourse?
  3. Will INEOS play their 15 Min Delay Card? Not sure if it will achieve much though...
  4. Thank god. Lets see a boat race...
  5. I don't think it is all doom and gloom for INEOS. If they had won the starts yesterday then they would have likely won two races. They were marginally faster in a straight line, offset by the 20-ish meters they would give away each tack. Light air is still a concern. The issue for them now, even if they improve their starts, maneuvers and tactics, is the weather. If they have another day with marginal wind conditions then they loose another 2 imo. At 4-0 there is not a lot of fat left...
  6. Fair call if that is the case. I'll have a read tomorrow.
  7. JAL - You might want to have a think about not being a dick. The first part of your comment is unnecessary.
  8. If it is light on the weekend - not ideal for AM one would think...
  9. It has been mentioned above, but if the various lines and zigzags out from the hole are cracks then the damage is going to be extensive. Although it would have been exciting to watch it sink , I hope they can get back on track for the semi final. Two challengers from here would make it a very one dimensional Prada Cup. Big effort needed by AM, but you get the feeling these teams are good enough to get themselves out of some pretty deep holes. I wish them all the best. The issue then for AM, is that as they work their tits off for the next few weeks to get the boat back to the level
  10. I can't seem to open these jpeg's. Are you able to add them into the blog as images?
  11. That's a bit rough considering AM were racing the Italians.... Joking - Good stuff. Will be a long night ahead.
  12. Haha! I just re-watched the video. That bird is carving it up as it goes around the stern. Beautiful maneuver...
  13. I agree that they aren't going super well, but is the heat really on them...? No team will get kicked out until after the semi and it could be argued that going via the semi's is an advantage to get the practice. The really question to me is are they still developing and making gains? Winning races doesn't really mater, but if they are out of ideas then that would be of concern.
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