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  1. Anyone have any information on the above? I am looking a buying on as part of a syndicate as a family day sailor and to do the odd race. I think the irc rating (0.996) is a bit punitive. it does have some nice features like a self tacking jib etc and does seem quite nice down below. (It has a fridge and a shower!) thanks in advance
  2. Hi folks How easy is it to change a furler to a head stay? Just get a rigger to do up a new head stay? Can i change the existing furled job quiver into hanked horizontal battened sails? Or am I buying new jibs?
  3. Hi folks ik going to buy a cheap old Ovington flying 15. No centre console, old anti fouling applied. if I want to get the hull reasonably sound again myself what would the process be? Longboard, fairing compound, prime and then spray paint? many thanks
  4. My father is interested in getting one. Based on the Solent. Any use on irc?
  5. How competitive versus 109 in short course sailing?
  6. Thinking about doing the above. I will put a prodder on but what are the do's and don'ts. Does anyone have any experience? Cheers
  7. yes I was looking at those already!
  8. thanks for replies folks- That's what I thought. also seem to be a few build issues on J88 which is surprising as usually j boats are pretty good. I am looking for something which is competitive in a broad range of conditions. my price point is up to 100k sterling. I am not really interested in J109's but wouldn'et mind hearing some alternatives?
  9. irlsailor

    j 88

    Hi I am looking at possibly gettign a J88. i wonder if you guys have any experience on how they perform on IRC. They seem to give a lot of time to J 109's for example which we will be sailing against a lot. Do they plane really early in which case WL are favourable?
  10. Does anyone know f it is possible to charter a boat for race the wight in a few weeks. ideally something competitive. do we know anyone that might do that?
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