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  1. That steady horizon camera tech is marvelous, I love it.
  2. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen. That said, the fairing process covered up some pretty rough stuff. I'm surprised the thing didn't corrode itself to bits, especially if they were beaching it routinely on tours, which some of the TripAdvisor pics show.
  3. Since my first was unfortunately the J&J, yes, I got the Moderna booster at the end of October. No side effects other than a sore arm for a week. Glad to be at greatly reduced risk for serious illness or being a carrier, as I'm traveling for work quite a bit recently.
  4. The admiral calls it 'boat camping' and it does not make her happy. Sigh.
  5. Official word to meteorologists (pulled from Twitter) is a water leak threatens the NDBC servers.
  6. As an American I'm used to the TV news presenters having absolutely no idea what they're taking about, parroting lines written by others to serve our ubiquitous corporate agenda. And of course sailing is never mentioned in popular media. So imagine my surprise watching the TVNZ 1 News recap clips, with presenters and reporters clearly very familiar with sailboat racing, talking about starts and shifts and strategy, not just the sensationalism of AM's crash. They even have a primary website menu "Americas Cup" with amazing coverage, my lord how much we're missing over here in the land of the
  7. So they had the circular rough service multi-pin connectors and then completely defeated any sealing properties by running additional cables through rubber grommets. And the electronics aren't potted. No wonder the dunking killed the FCS.
  8. That 'maneuver' was nerve wracking to see in the practice footage, not just once either.
  9. It was an anecdotal data point not a fucking editorial. Jesus.
  10. If it wouldn't cost me a $10k repower to drop kick my 1GM10 into the nearest junkyard metal shredder it sure would make me happy. I hate the noisy pounding smoking little bastard.
  11. Based on the inverted chevrons in the skinny metal sawhorses I'll say it is French whatever it is.
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