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  1. Jefa Autopilot drive can be permanently installed in the factory and that works 100% - we’ve tested it well! I’d put Harken Performa winches on the coach roof, as the soft skirt on the standard ones has chewed halyards on us. A style thing, but backstay cleats on the floor either side of mainsheet cleat is more ergonomical than normal route if actively trimmed. Make sure kite halyard sheeves at mast top are strong enough for Code 0 tension, if that‘s the intention. Don’t assume, Prepare to upgrade most blocks. Worth getting a topping lift sheave in the mast, comes i
  2. We’ve raced coastal races double handed (no ballast) and practiced in that format in 25+ knots of wind on multiple occasions. I can’t compare it to the bulb keel, but the boat with the fin is certainly very stiff. The rudder is long, and it’s a safe design in my view. As to which keel is faster on what points of the wind and wind speed ranges - I could not guess.
  3. Our Mast foot is aft, so that partners induces prebend.
  4. 3 knots to 30 so far. Fin Keel, single rudder, tiller, no water ballast.
  5. I’ve been racing a J99 under IRC since Apr 2019 in Ireland, principally Vs very well sailed J/109s, A35, XP 33 inshore, but also in bigger rating range fleets when offshore (JPK 1080, J 122, Sunfast 3600 down to A31, j/97 etc). It took us a while to Improve things and we’ve much still to learn, but she is now overall pretty competitive. 2.5 degrees rake with mast foot full aft (our mainsail needs mucho prebend) seems to work for us. We use 100 sqm A2 which seems a good rating compromise for our fleet, though experimenting with a larger one is an attractive idea. We’re really very happy
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