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  1. First part of this about Nannies etc, i cant comment on. The bit about Gordonstoun i strongly disagree. Gordonstoun is and was an incredibly forward thinking school. It takes royalty, but also 1/3 of the kids there are on bursaries or scholarships (from all around the world). Many years ago i taught seamanship there and was the mate on their Oyster 80 sail training boat. Seriously one of the finest schools i have ever seen and the kids come out of it as grounded, confident and humble young adults. It is not a pompous British boarding school.
  2. It’s certain that Greece will open up to foreign cruisers, timings a bit vague but mid June has been suggested by tourism minister. italy open from early June, with no quarantine period for incoming yachts. Balearic islands mid June. interestingly Greece is putting a 3(ish) month limit on open ports and airports, so they can deal with the likely second wave.
  3. Rowdey? Built by Herreshoff and shipped over. Sailing a NY40 transatlantic would be like taking a F1 car on the Dakar ralley.
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