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  1. Indeed it is, considering the fact the two teams headquarters and hangars are 50 meters apparts from each other and that the two boats are docked on the same pontoon. It shows how localized the Utlim class is at the moment.
  2. The America's Cup, the Vendée Globe and now a match race between two of the fastest ocean racing boats ! What a time to be alive ! Imho Gitana is the faster boat of the fleet and I wouldn't be supprised if we see a gap of performance with Sodebo. - It has been foiling since its launch back in 2017 and the Gitana had team already experimented foiling with their old MOD70 (now Maserati), while Sodebo has only been foiling since it received its daggerboard foil 6 months ago. - Gitana 17 also has an active flight control system which controls the roll and peach of the boat (in frenc
  3. Yes it does. The system was on the boat since the launch and we saw Charlie using it during the VALSO to film himself. It serves the same purpose a the ones on HB.
  4. The french president annouced a general lockdown and that all public meetings will be forbidden starting from tomorrow evening. The number of contamination is exploding rn in France and the french government wants to avoid the formation of a new cluster. I don't think that we will see people alongside the channel in les Sables-d'Olonne on the 8th of November unfortunatly.
  5. Hard to tell who they were, but based on the way Jérémie was talking to them (using generalistic words, explaining basics like standard masts and keels, principle of foiling) and the "naive" questions we deduced that they were employees of the Charal company doing a private tour with JB. They were not taking notes or recording either. Oui ! C'était en français, we only saw french skippers and no internationals. I too think that HB solution is great, AT is one of the most experienced skipper of the VG and this cockpit would have not made it on the boat if it did not represent a improv
  6. I visited the Vendée Globe village today with a friend of mine. We were extremely lucky to see Jérémie Beyou doing a little Q&A session with gests in front of Charal, good questions were asked to Jérémie and we got some informative answers : - V3 foils : the team wanted a mix of the precedent versions, capable of high speeds and high flights like V1 while being self-stabilizing like V2. They took the V1 shape and redesigned the end. Here is a article on the Charal sailing team were he explains it (only in french unfortunatly) : https://www.charalsailingteam.fr/vendee-globe-imoca-chara
  7. They can actually completely close the cockpit from the outside environnement unlike Gitana 17, even though they have improve their cockpit with the roof extension they've added.
  8. They do ! On many videos you can see that they are using a combination of a sliding hatch and panels fixed on hinges which can be folded inside the cockpit when someone is at the helm.
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