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  1. No one's checking but there are still capacity restrictions that are scheduled to be lifted this week. It's probably going into be a shit show everywhere with the added capacity and everyone itching to get wasted in a crowd again (more so than it is was this last weekend).
  2. Yep, La Tansat en Double which finished last week.
  3. PB2207


    The dude in the pink ski goggles (Fabulous PPE choice btw) doesn't seem thrilled at your presence. Probably thinks you're eyeing that juicy keel lead he just torched open. Thinking about it that's probably what he's getting paid with so I understand his sentiment.
  4. Thanks, feels more like torture sometimes, like last night. Lockdown closed our rinks and didn't play for over a year and finally getting back into it. Playing goalie for practically my entire life has taken a toll.
  5. Marty and Kirk must be twins separated at birth, 5 second difference in the first race and 23 seconds this trip. Wish Kirk pulled it out because I think I get overtaken in the cumulative by Marty with that finish regardless. Unfortunately I've got a late night hockey game and won't be able to micro my finish, so Otto will have to keep me in front of the two nipping at my heals. Fingers crossed.
  6. FOR SALE: Class 40 foils, never used, just decided to waste credits bringing them along for fun. No low ball offers, I know what I got... Really need to wait until the day before/of before spending my free credits on upgrades.
  7. The aggregate scoring is shaping up to be a nail biter for us in the middle of the pack. Could come down to tie breakers for a couple spots depending on how it all shakes out.
  8. My dad recalled a snark story years ago when he was young and they loaded a pair of them up with cousins and friends and headed out into the Severn. Of course they overloaded them and had a few move up to the bow, which promptly snapped off of one close hauled in moderate chop. They then surreptitiously towed/paddled it back home, got it back into the shack and decided to repair it rather than face the wrath of my grandfather and his brother. Apparently they did a fairly decent job since neither adult noticed the massive damage at first glance and it lasted long enough for my grandfather to ge
  9. I'm guessing price point has a big part in that. The design brief reads very similar to the Classe 950 that never really took off, an option between the mini's and 40s that's offshore capable and easy to short hand, but also fits within a corinthian(ish) budget. It's a shame the 950 class didn't pick up steam because I really liked that box rule.
  10. While that's true Chicago's head covid doc. (can't remember her name) has said in pressers they will be encouraging outdoor activities this year, not restricting them like last year. While there's definitely a wait a see approach (since those two seem to change their mind every other week) like last year but I'm of the opinion they will be focusing their efforts and attention on the vaccine rollout more than restrictions. Michigan's govt. seems to be taking the same mentality, people are too fed up with more restrictions, just get vaccines in arms as quick as possible. Edit
  11. As of now yes, normal operation starting May 1st.
  12. Son of a... I'm getting pinched to the mark. Man a few NMs makes a big difference at this mark with the shift.
  13. Fun looking gybe coming up. Take it early, late, or ride the middle to the second mark with that big shift down there predicted.
  14. If I had to take an educated guess I'd say the owner may be a University of Florida fan (orange and blue colors and a Florida registration). In that case the 'blue' would be: Blue Hex color: #003087 RGB: 0 48 135 CMYK: 100 75 2 18 Pantone: PMS 287 C
  15. I'm in. Looks like the C0 is going to be in the wardrobe considering the course and weather forecast.
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