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  1. I've been playing with a Raspberry Pi 4 and this hat: https://copperhilltech.com/pican-m-nmea-0183-nmea-2000-hat-for-raspberry-pi-with-smps/ it works perfectly with SignalK and then you can easily create dashboards. I'm trying to understand if there is a way to playback the logs to the dashboard, so you could easily "replay" data aligned with the video. I don't have a wifi action camera, so not sure how you would get that data into the Raspberry Pi. I guess the question is how much work you're willing to do after the event. If you can collect the raw data and assemb
  2. wow. perhaps mortgaging the house is not worth it. can someone explain - does it have intelligence or is it just a display? i'm confused as to why it is so expensive?
  3. What are you ultimately trying to accomplish? you want basically what Sailnjord would give you? so you need to capture video and synchronized N2k data. You literally could record the screen of a laptop that has the right dashboard and is getting the video stream... dashboard could be fed via N2k -> USB, similarly many of the action cams will stream via Wifi. Then just record your screen...
  4. dare I suggest converting to SignalK and then just having that window next to the video window? I guess the question is the use - are you trying to do this live, or is it for training etc afterwards in a classroom-like setting? If it's the latter, then you could capture the streams in Signal-K along with any accompanying video, and then just replay them in sync later?
  5. Battery Tender 5 AMP/2.5 AMP, 12V Battery Charger and Maintainer: 12V/24V Onboard Marine Battery Charger for Boat Engine - Mountable, Heavy Duty, Weather Resistant Boat Charger - 022-0258-DL-WH by Deltran USA Learn more: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YNB2JH7/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_M6QK9ZSVM471Z3DR878Z something like this??
  6. I think it would be helpful to have more context. For my 40' boat with everything that comes with it, the answer is far different than a 25' racer. What's the mission? A shore connection needs a breaker within 5 ft (if i recall the ABYC specs correctly), and if you're then connecting to a ground system on the boat then a galvanic isolator is also something you want. So to Bump's point, it starts to add up quickly - socket, wire, breaker and housing, galvanic isolator, etc. At least $200 of stuff too. If you're just trying to charge the battery, why are you even bothering
  7. I would love one. but i need to mortgage my house first.
  8. I love my TeamO: https://www.teamomarine.com/products/170n-prosensor-backtow-lifejacket-and-harness using the Sailing Uma discount I got 15% off... I liked the idea of the backtow feature.
  9. this one came up in another thread. no personal experience https://calypsoinstruments.com/
  10. So for single handed docking, on my B351 and B41.1 I was able to use the midship cleat with a "magic spring line" that allowed me to easily dock single handed in my home slip. Basically I ran a long dock line loop from the middle cleat, and by dropping that loop over a dock cleat that was aft of the boat, I was able to motor slowly forward with the wheel turned fully away from the dock, and both the bow and stern would gently move inward to the dock and sit until I could secure the bow line. This process worked flawlessly until I tried it on my Hanse 415. The midship cleat on this new b
  11. Also re the power - I actually put my N2k bus on an isolated DC to DC power supply. May be overkill but seemed like a good thing to do.
  12. Looking good. You should read up on the N2K basics. The terminator is a 120 ohm resistor that goes across the high and low signal wire of the bus. You put one on each end of the network, resulting in a net 60 ohm resistance between the two wires. If you were to “cap” off additional ports with terminators, you would continue to reduce that resistance, which would be incorrect for the system. So you only want or need two. If you are concerned about open connections, then simply taping over the exposed end would be sufficient. I don’t recall seeing “blanking” plugs or caps…
  13. When I installed an N2K network on my old B351, I had similar issues with passing the micro-c connectors through bulkheads, and I wanted to use bulk cable to optimize how long the trunk lines were. I found the field installed micro-c connectors really difficult to wire, especially if I was doing boat-yoga in a very cramped space. So I actually made a small custom PCB and associated enclosure that allowed me to field connect the bulk wire and gave me a micro-C connection for a drop cable exactly where I wanted it along the line. I also made space for adding a termination resistor for ones
  14. I think thats the advantage of the SIMNET stuff - 5 Micro-C tees together gets very large and there are lots of connections. The SIMNET bank of 7 connectors is only about 5" long...
  15. http://www.ancorproducts.com/~/media/inRiver/382413-41337.pdf
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