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  1. Had a cover made. Looks like the boat fits in the bed of the Ridgeline.
  2. With a high in the forties it is over. Added a homemade bracket and bow stop to the Aqua Cart, worked perfectly. Big kids helped drag the boat up the hill. Thanks big kids! Pretty this time of year...
  3. Some notes from Wednesday. Ian had fun and was excited and not really frightened at all (big change from years past on the water). He did get a tiny bit nervous when a gust hit and the boat started to heal over but he was more excited than nervous. He kept pointing out how the sailboat was making a noticable wake, just like a motorboat. Wednesday October 14, 2020 marks the first day he got in the water all by himself with no coaching or anyone there to catch him. I could have pulled him out of the boat dry but he wanted to jump in. The water was much cooler than the air and it kinda took
  4. Nice! We went and we had FUN! The wind was down a bit from the peak by the time we went. I'm not sure we could have handled 15 with 25 MPH gusts. It was perfect really. Any less would not have been a challenge and any more would have been too much. Wind was gusty and shifty but within 90 degrees or less which was manageable. That day the wind came from the north was just crazy with the wind shifting 180 and at some point coming from all 360 degrees. Today we didn't even tip over! We did not plane or even get to a full hike so there is room for more fun in the future.
  5. I live on a big lake with 450 miles of shoreline, however I'm trying to sail the narrow end where it is more like a river. It usually isn't too bad if I can make it to the wider section, or if the wind lines up lengthwise with the water. If the wind is coming across you get almost no warning. There are lots of trees and the terrain is hilly and there are mighty cliffs cut into the land. None of that helps.
  6. I'm more than a little worried to go out with my son in such conditions. It is exciting but frightening. Ian does not really swim and I know how but I don't have a lot of gas at my age. I'm pretty sure I could sit on the rail of the Banshee in no wind and the boat would not tip over. The Taz will tip over if I'm on a rail and there is no wind to balance. When a gust is over I've got to dive into the middle of the boat to keep it balanced. This makes sailing really tricky in variable winds which are the only kind we get. I brought this on myself because I wanted a boat small enough to
  7. Planning on giving it a go tomorrow. This will be a lot more wind than we have ever gone out in so wish us luck. Last time the wind came from the North it was really unpredictable so I'm hoping the the wind out of the South works better for us. The kid is excited to go in a bigger breeze. He declined to join me last time I went in milder conditions.
  8. I also took the keel roller to Khols and Amazon gave me credit for it right away. I've never returned something back to Amazon that there was not some sort of problem with the item. The roller was fine, I just decided to use the plastic skid method instead. Still no problem, Amazon took it back and I didn't even need to pay shipping.
  9. I've taken the $800 as a credit back to my card. I'm about to order parts that seem like they would wear or break when they get back to me (there is a list). I'm completely happy with the way they have handled this. I've not needed to deal with the shipper at all. US1D does not have the claim finished with the shipper so they are eating my $800 credit in the short term. Excellent service, much better than expected. Not their fault the boat was damaged in shipping.
  10. Evidently there is no such thing as a bottom cover for a Taz... They are talking about getting one custom made.
  11. What kind of person? They are doing a great job of "making it right". Couldn't ask for more. A new spotless hull would be nice but so would $800...
  12. US1D is offering to cross-ship a new hull or give me $800 for the dent. Also I learned that East Coast is the importer and that US1D is one of their dealers.
  13. The forecast had the wind at 13MPH today which was a nice bump from the previous high of 9MPH. I had the kid suit up but at the last minute decided to make sure I could handle the boat in said conditions. Glad I did that! The boat was tipped over in no time. The wind was as shifty and gusty as I can ever remember sailing in. Got her upright and didn't tip over again but man what a panic. At one point I was sailing W with the wind out of the N when some weird gust hit me, spun the boat around 360, did accidental gybe/jibe and then started heading back to the W but the wind was from the S becaus
  14. Talked to US1D and they said I could: 1) Get a new boat and return the old one, which sounds great. 2) They could teach me how to fix the dent myself, which sounds really lame. 3) They could give me some amount of money back to make things right. I told them no thanks to option 2) and regarding option 3) that $50 would not come close but I'd be really happy with half off.
  15. Took the wife out today. She runs 90 or 100 more then the kid so the Taz was a tad over weight. I figure about 340 lbs between the two of us. There was a fair bit of water that would not self bail out. Not a huge amount, maybe a liter or so. Normally with the kid the Taz just has some shallow puddles. This is actually a good result. Sure it was a bit cramped with mom in there but the boat handled it well. I kind of expected it to be worse. We had some really light winds and I had trouble beating back to the dock. At one point I let that sail out a bit and that seemed to help??
  16. @Steam Flyer Thanks Doug! Any help is appreciated. Of course I know some of that but it does not hurt to hear. The biggest problem I have with the motorboat is people coming back a year later who have forgotten some of what I showed them the year before (that is me now with sailboats). When someone is completely green they accept instruction well but when they come back the second year I don't know how much of all they things they forgot. If I tell them nothing they will goof up because of the forgetting but if I try to explain things I will eventually hit on something they remember and t
  17. We took the boat out again today and I was all ready to report zero goof ups (unlike the first day which was a learning day), however I forgot to tighten the plug. Didn't even notice until we were back in. Pulling the boat out of the water was a bit harder today because it had some extra water weight. Whoops! We caught a few gusts that had us leaning a bit to windward, not a full blown hike but enough to get off the uncomfortable center rib. Confidence is growing by leaps and bounds. We are ready for more wind!
  18. During the solo ride I did intentionally dump the boat in front of the dock and had a devil of a time getting back in. Almost made it up the side once but the boat tipped back over. Getting in the back was a bit of a tight squeeze but works perfectly. Wouldn't let Ian on the boat until I knew I could get back in. Then we dumped it together on purpose. The boat is easy to dump but also very easy to right. I think I remember standing on the dagger board of the Banshee years ago, maybe that is if the sail was full of water? Anyhow righting the Taz took minimal effort, at least the 2 times I
  19. So I was reading that you should sit as far forward as the tiller extension will allow but that puts me right in the main sheet. It was not that windy today so my weight needed to be centered not hiked out. Perfect day to take the kid out for his first time ever on a sailboat. The wind should pick up a little this weekend so that will be fun.
  20. Yeah the dent worries me a lot more than the scratches. It really must have taken a whack. Looking at the pictures from today's sailing the dent is above the waterline so I'm not too worried anymore. I need some sort of cover, perhaps a bottom cover since it will be kept upside down. UV kills boats over time and I don't trust that spray to do as good of a job as a cover.
  21. After the solo trip it was time to do what the boat was meant to do. The kid is short enough that the boom is not a worry for him, yet.
  22. Kitty wanted a ride (kitty did not get a ride).
  23. Went out by myself to get the hang of things. Had a few hiccups but the ways of the water came back pretty quick.
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