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  1. My home system is now operational and charging the batteries.
  2. Toddster, the 4Runners have grown in size over the years. My 2007 is much bigger than the mid 90's one that my sister got over 500K miles out of before she "broke" it on a jeep road. The 2020 version that a friend recently bought is bigger than my 2007. If they still aren't big enough look at a Sequoia or the Lexus GX 470 and 460. Both are bigger, have V8's and are extremely capable and super reliable. The Lexus GX is known as the Land Cruiser Prado everywhere else in the world.
  3. A used low mileage, 4WD Toyota 4Runner is the way to go. Easy to haul stuff in or on it. Super reliable and it will take you anywhere. I picked one up a few years ago for ~$23K with 35,000 miles on it. Now I have 130K miles on it and I've had no issues with minimal expense on maintenance. I think the Old Man Emu suspension upgrade cost me more than all of the required maintenance combined. For storage you can stick it in a self storage garage space near a major airport.
  4. My daughter just got a new job with pupukeawaimea.org doing marine science work. She will have a ~2.5 mile commute. Here's a photo showing part of her new office.
  5. Yo Tom! Here's a shot from 2013. We moved back to the North Shore last fall. Cheers, Phil
  6. Yep...I'm talking about Tom. Great guy!
  7. Very cool. I was on a power boat owned by a friend who knows the owner of Horizon well. Great day for shooting photos!
  8. Just think....this could be you. Oh wait, I'm supposed to talk you out of buying a Santa Cruz 50.
  9. Nice boat! Plan on spending another ~$70K getting her ready to do the cruising you mentioned. Does that help? Seriously though... It is a killer boat and you can probably get it for less than 70K. Odds are you will spend a fair amount of money fixing stuff and getting her ready to go. If you are near Redwood City I would recommend Westpoint Harbor Marina for a 50' slip. They have lots of openings right now and their prices are reasonable.
  10. Voyager 1 & 2 are outfitted with 22.4W transmitters. Distance from Earth is contunually updated here: https://voyager.jpl.nasa.gov/mission/status/ As of a few seconds ago: Voyager 1 distance = 14,131,319,017 mi Voyager 2 distance = 14,131,319,017 mi The physics of electromagnetic radiation is pretty f#cking cool when you actually study it rather than attempt to pull it out of your arse.
  11. I will have to ask a few of my buddies who work at Keck and Gemini observatories if that's a viable solution for their applications.
  12. All very true, but I was referring to professional astronomers. Here's an article that does a nice job describing the issues. https://spacenews.com/starlink-vs-the-astronomers/
  13. Actually I was considering the fact that don't need to hook up to a GPS antenna (tossed mine along with the Garmin chart plotter and replaced with 2 iPads, a handheld Garmin, a sextant, a good watch, and an old text book...Garmin wants a silly amount of money for their charts) and the ease of putting only one antenna splitter / T in place for the VHF. Since I have a handheld VHF as a backup I could always just unplug my cabin VHF and plug it into the AIS when I feel the need for it. This eliminates the need for the splitter. Regardless...it's easy to deal with either unit.
  14. The Vesper XB-8000 is definitely in the mix of AIS units that I'm considering. The only real advantage of the Nomad that I'm seeing is the extremely simple installation. As pointed out above, the range probably isn't as good due to the antenna configuration. Just curious if anyone who has run time with a Nomad can comment on that possibility and any other pros or cons.
  15. I already put the dimwits on mute. I could post my resume along with the resumes of > 100 spacecraft engineers, mission operations engineers, astronomers, and satellite data using earth scientists along with their opinions on Starlink and he would squawk, "fake news" because they don't understand the issues. Oh well...at least they know that satellites in low earth orbit, "move really fast". On to the requested technical discussion. Here's another constellation of satellites that may blow Starlink out of the water once it's operational in a couple years. They intend to provide space b
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