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  1. Here you go @Jud - s/v Sputnik, you might be able to sign up as crew. I've been aboard a few times including in Kahana Bay shortly after taking this pic. Very cool boat and a crew made up of wonderful people. http://www.hokulea.com/voyages/our-story/
  2. I did a ton of research on what is out there and talked with reps from OceanVolt and ElectricYacths. OceanVolt was considerably more expensive and not based in the US. ElectricYachts provided some great system sizing engineering. They have also been doing a lot of testing with the ePropulsion batteries along with several installations using those batteries. The "data sync" mentioned on the ePropulsion website is most likely proprietary. The ElectricYachts controller monitors battery SOC, charge & discharge current, temp, etc.
  3. ElectricYachts QuietTorque 10 motor, ~15Hp. Batteries will be either 4 ePropulsion E80s or 2 E175s. We need to get the diesel fully removed to do detailed measurements to see if the E175s will fit. The E80s will definitely fit based on my rough measurements with everything in the way. The E175's are preferred as it ends up being 350 AHr at 48V vs 320 AHr. Price differential is ~$20.
  4. Yeah...I should have, but I was having too much fun telling my daughter about it via phone as I watch the maneuver. Aging UC Berkeley electrical engineering professors are a riot! The dude was super smooth and precise!
  5. Regardless of which boat you end up selecting as your boat for life....always know where your towel is at all times.
  6. Harry, This is some crazy shit, but I met an old guy (~70ish) at Berkeley Marina today while walking. He has an Alajuela 38 that he single hands from time to time. He set up a Torqueedo electric motor on the bow sprit with some homemade extension brackets and a wired remote control. He uses it as a bow thruster to get out of the slip. Once underway he puts the tiller pilot in control for a bit and pulls up the Torqueedo. I watched him pull off the maneuver like a pro before continuing on with my walk. Like I said...some crazy shit, but he sure seems to enjoy single handing his boat
  7. Kolibri in Berkeley Marine Center getting the old Volvo MD7A yanked out and replaced with an ElectricYachts QuietTorque motor.
  8. What Calling Elvis said is definitely true for every full keel boat I've backed out of a slip...Morris Frances & Annie, NorSea 28, BCC, Union 36, Tayana 37, etc. A couple things that help: Have a crew member walk the boat out at the stays and push off from the dock when stepping on the boat; learn how to balance the prop walk & boat speed in reverse to get the most out of each. You will find the max maneuverability point for each approach with practice.
  9. Sure I often lust after and have a blast sailing other boats, but I'm pretty sure that I'm already there...Morris Annie.
  10. Nope...just one of the enclosed areas beneath my elevated house. The builder set up a killer gear room complete with a roll up garage door. I will need to evaluate ventilation for epoxy and varnish work, but that can easily be moved outdoors if necessary. It's easy enough to put the assembly fixture on wheels and setup a temporary tent to deal with rain.
  11. Unfortunately no, but I do have a massive "room of requirements" in Hawaii. It houses ~14 bikes, 3 SUPs, a few surf boards, and my workshop. There's enough open floor space to build two PT11's in parallel. I also have a badass stereo system and a beer cooler in the room of requirements.
  12. I think that might violate the lease on my CA condo :-)
  13. Russ, any idea if CLC will ship the kit to Hawaii? If so, any idea of the added cost for that?
  14. No idea on the make & model of this boat. I saw it yesterday at the Berkeley Marina.
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