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  1. By boil do you mean actual generating steam then blowing a hose or a seal on the coolant side?
  2. Cheers, its my first diesel so I'm just being extra cautious. Don't want to spend more than I have to.
  3. So I had an issue with the alternator belt being a bit loose and was wobbling a lot when the engine was running. I had tightened it up and all looked fine. After just leaving the harbor I wanted to see how it looked and to my surprise the belt had snapped and fell off the pullies. We headed back in lowing the rpms (1200-1500) and opened the engine hatch. There was still water flowing out the exhaust the whole time and we never had a high temp alarm. At the end when I shut it down I was able to put my hand on the heat exchanger but it was pretty hot. We ran it in this condition for less than 1
  4. Self powered circumnavigation just sounds like torture. He also wants to make and album during the journey. https://oceancyclist.com/modules/music/ Forget the food and water bring the drum kit and guitar!
  5. Yea they look that way, but no. They were just flipped before this picture. The BBQ cooked them nice all the way through.
  6. Pork Chops and sausages, first BBQ of the season.
  7. Yea don't worry it's not going back on my boat. Yea I tried the rip test and it didn't rip.
  8. Episode 31 has a lady in it and has double the views of your average view amount. I think I know the issue.
  9. I will definitely buy this stuff when I install my light water fission reactor onboard.
  10. Yea thanks, a lot of guys on here seem to have a problem with money burning a hole in their pockets. I know it's not gonna win any beauty contests or races but I think it has some value still. We will see. Worst case I make a hammock out of the sail.
  11. Yea I agree, Gorilla tape is better but it was $3 CAD at the checkout at crappy tire.
  12. This is the elbow side which was harder to clean up. The threads are pretty beat but I'm gonna try it with some anti seize/sealant to make it work.
  13. I just had mine break on me. It actually busted at the joint between the manifold and the elbow. I had gone down below for a snack 1 hour into our cruise and I smelt smoke. Quickly looked in engine bay to see a little bit of water spurting out. Had my friend turn down the rpms and boom the thing blew out. We turned away from shore and got some distance with the sails up to shut down and access the situation. We hobbled back to port by duct taping it together and having my friend stand on the engine cover to apply pressure to the broken connection. The duct tape actually held out for a lot
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