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  1. Yep, as in free. Worked just fine for me and many of my friends in the US.
  2. That’s why you use a VPN set to a non-US location, which works just fine.
  3. Only for those who are too lazy to use a free VPN.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwfu1-24T7Q
  5. "7. YACHT CONFIGURATION 7.1 Competitors are required to declare confidentially to the Measurement Committee the yacht configuration to be sailed as follows: Declaration 1 Prada Cup Round Robin Stage Due by 15:00 on Wednesday 13 January for racing period from 15th to 19th . Declaration 2 Prada Cup Round Robin Stage Due by 15:00 on Wednesday 20 January for racing period from 22nd to 26th . Declaration 3 Prada Cup Semi-Final Stage Due by 15:00 on Wednesday 27 January for racing in the Semi Final Stage. Declaration 4 Prada Cup Final Stage Due by 16:00 on Monday 8 February for racing in th
  6. They mentioned working on "no look" transitions and using alternative crew assignments during such moves, so maybe the new kit is just people.
  7. Just use Proton for this week Max. Not sure if the free version that it reverts to after the first week will do the job, but I'm on a very slow pipe and am still getting 1080P no problem with a NZ spoof. At worst It'll cost me 8 Euros a month after that, which I can definitely live with. Oh, and only using the VPN for YouTube as needed is my mode.
  8. https://www.vpnranks.com/reviews/urban/ "Your data can be hacked using this service."
  9. I found the AP press release on a number of local US new sites, plus ESPN: https://www.espn.com/espn/story?id=30536238&_slug_=us-team-wins-twice-1st-day-america-cup-world-series
  10. Especially if those speeds weren't even in the same race. Anyone have a link to that data, please?
  11. Proton VPN free on YouTube. Looks really great.
  12. Is that a new uptiP starboard foil on LR?
  13. I'm just imagining that Roger Penske is more involved than he probably actually is.
  14. Yep, supposedly until Sunday.
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