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  1. Eww gross! Lol. The holding tank... lol ahh golly!
  2. Snaags I've enjoyed reading all that you type♡ you have the best comments♡ cain treed hav of em. 900 dollar luxury yacht on YouTube just updated anyone interested in the 9to5 channel♡
  3. *Clink of the glass!* I love sailing♡ theres nothing like it!
  4. Lol same here! There's like 22pages of this♡ its funny because I don't talk to what's his nuts anymore. The only time I wanted to speak to him was when I learned he had moved the boat (with out mentioning to the dock owner he was moving the cat.).I was pretty saddened by the lack of gratefulness. Just so yall know. Deal was... Gomes docks boat, Gomes has storage, gomes just needs to rebuild dock, gomes left. Never came back. But he picked up his belongings and traveled. Left homeowner with stacks of treated wood homeowner has purchased. Home owner is elder. Homeowner with dock rebuilt it
  5. Glad everyone made it out ok!! The currents are wild under bridges. Especially during tide change. One thing I wasn't a fan of was trying to remain in the same spot while waiting for a bridge. You really do have to fight a current at some places! Elliot cut was one of the coolest ones. We had the motor almost full throttle (15hp) lol. Seemed like we moved a quarter mile in an hr!
  6. I don't mind that lol. Every 4th to 8th Monday.. hehe sounds like another cannel I know I'll have some videos out by May. Recently, I've spent most of my time painting and selling my art. The footage is in the back of my mind. Gotta pay the bills before I can play!
  7. Thanks!! Same to you!! James is really awesome. There are many things to learn from his channel!
  8. Yeah! Thats 900 dollar luxury yacht! He's absolutely amazing!! We (gomer and myself) talked with him the whole trip down the icw. He can 100% include me in any of his videos. He's super kind and extremely intelligent! Gomer kinda screwed him over too.
  9. Currents are no joke. I learned that in the keys at sand key♡ lots of fish but standing under that lighthouse.... id hate to see that place in a storm. Make sure you can swim!
  10. Holy cow!!!! Its been a few since I've read through the comments♡ Heyo!!!
  11. Hey friends♡. All is well on my end I do feel bad for not responding on a couple things. Snaggs. I almost shared a Tesla/Mike Tyson meme. Basket.. thanks very much for keeping the thread going. I'm searching for a boat capable of the great loop. I'm searching for something I'm committed to restoring. I would like find something I feel safe with♡. Glad I moved forward from the experience.. in a weird way. I feel like the SA community has my tiny back♡ I have yalls too! Thanks kindly for the hospitality and welcoming arms
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