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  1. By saying "Engineering Sailboats" I was trying to leave it open ended. Sailboats are obviously complex engineering challenges and I can't imagine it being one person who engineers every single component. Even starting doing simple engineering for simple components would be interesting. I appreciate the recommendation to specialize. That is something I hadn't considered much of yet specifically in foiling.
  2. I'm a college student studying Mechanical Engineering and I have been sailing for as long as I can remember. I have reached a point in my life where I want to further my sailing career but I'm not sure how. What I have gathered from my racing experience is that sailing at the highest levels is all about networking. I've recently begun considering working in the sailing industry as an engineer in order to develop those networked connections. That leads me to the question that's been plaguing me. How does one get in contact/make connections with boat designers and manufacturers to look
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