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  1. Nope. Not in the 'old days". Diva G and Rubin And Pinta
  2. That's the old "Obsession". Was never in "Bristol" condition when actively campaigned. Not even worth parting out now - it's just a lump of lead. Interestingly, sail # is 87400 - meaning originally west coast?
  3. I looked at the results and we finished Tues afternoon about 4:15. We ended up 2/8 for the race, but fuck all if I have any fond memories of that one! Blocked it out - survival instinct for the next 11 or so I did!
  4. IOR in 4. Time to start buying up those boats in the Landfill thread. Then some of us can set up cottage industries teaching others how to sail 'em !
  5. This ^. Hire them as a buyer's rep for a k$ or two. Use the standard YABA (or whatever it is nowadays) contract. Require a survey. It's not like buying a used car from your neighbor - more like buying a "used" house.
  6. Exactly - my dad's Islander 37 I sailed on as a wee lad had a single set of (wooden) spreaders, and a set of intermediate shrouds that joined the mast haflway between spreader base and masthead. Neither the cap shrouds nor these intermediates were "fixed" at the spreader end either (but attached with some seizing wire so they wouldn't drop out of the slotted end of the spreader fi the leeward ones went too slack).
  7. I sailed and was boat captain for an owner that had a series of "Red Shift"s. The first was a Pet 34. When I joined the crew, the owner already had named the boat and had the formula for doppler red shift painted on the sides. I, being a physics grad student at the time, pointed out that it was a simplified equation and not correct for general relativity. So on the next boat, a Shodk 41, I got the "sign painter" doing the name to do the general relativistic equation (incl. gravitational redshift). It did cost a bit more... ;-) As an aside - this owner was also a scientist- but a so
  8. And what about the shoes? Leather/suede Sperry's get wet on day one, won't be dry before they finish.
  9. I think Sloop is referring to the fact that it looks like it's been through years of hell weather wise, but the mainsail is still on the boom with mainsail cover half off, fenders in the cockpit.
  10. I think this is the old "Obsession", used to be part of the Chicago racing scene. Owned at one time by John Beckstedt.
  11. Dunno. Maybe Design #? Not at all familiar with Steinman, so don't know how "prolific" he was/is.
  12. I'm not sure about that... if you eliminate the "anomalously high" years (2008-2012) as circled You get this, showing at least minor growth over the decades...
  13. So taken over the years 1985 until now (and yes, with a lot of missing data), it still looks like a pretty consistent number of entries, 95% CF between 275-325. The super high entries in 2008 and a couple of followin years should be seen as anomalous, I think.
  14. OK, here's some data from 2002-2010 Year # Entries Notes 2002 311 2003 302 2004 316 2005 284
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