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  1. Great weather. High quality fleet. Great people. We have to do something about standardizing the way lobsterman use toggles. My guess is that collectivley we snagged AT LEAST 35 pots.
  2. A big congratulations to Buzz for winning first in class and first overall in the Gulf of Maine Solo/Twin last weekend. This is supposed to be a 120 mile romp down wind. This first year of this addition of an old race was a 120 mile beat. Very challenging. Complete results will be posted on the GMORA site. Doubles in order of CT: Buzz Isobel Tag Starlight Kiva Blue Bird Singles: Walkabout Resolute Catch 22 Windswept Four boats, two in each class, were DNF
  3. Really about time. Just in time for the Gulf of Maine Solo/Twin? 14 boats about evenly split between singles and doubles. Scratch boat is Isobel at -69.
  4. I will always go to the AIR regardless of whether it ever becomes a GMORA scored event. Good friends, good food, awesome course, and happy times. Not to mention that little rivalry!
  5. Bump. Just because this OCKUPIE crap is a tempest in a tea cup. Sheesh.
  6. That's the way to look at it. Don't think of it as a way to draw GMORA boats, just think of it as a favor to the boats that would already be inclined to participate. If there are more scored races in the Central and East then those boats will be more competitive for season trophies. But now is the time to be thinking about next year. This year's GMORA schedule, as per the by-laws, is already set. Plan now for next year. I'm not one for breaking rules but if NYC had the will is there a way for this year?
  7. The value to scoring the AIR would probably be to those of us on the bay looking for another qualifying event. I don't think there will be too many new boats. Maybe you might get one or two from the east.
  8. Great photos Mr. Lounge. Very sorry to have missed the festivities but Mrs. Walkabout is a rabid Black Bears Hockey fan as well as an ace spin trimmer/pit chick.
  9. The Maine Rocks Race is up to 14 boats with 6 double handers and eight singles. There's an outside chance of gaining another double.
  10. Isobel is the new boat launched by Brooklin Boatyard this spring. Really impressive. I'm guessing the starting line will be comfortably long.
  11. We're up to 12 boats for the Maine Rocks Race. 8 single handers and 4 doubles so far.
  12. Another great Around Islesboro Race! 35 boats and lots of wind all the way around the island. Thanks to the great folks at the Northport Yacht Club. Next weekend is the Maine Rocks Race. Who's in?
  13. Drinking beer on my Sunfish on a lake somewhere in the mountains.
  14. Saw BDP in Marblehead this weekend. What's up with that? 5 single handers for the Downeast Challenge, all from Maine. The real challenge was getting down there without getting your brains (or stomach) bashed in.
  15. Walkabout had a great time! Rum was indeed involved, Dennet's makes a real Dark and Stormy. Thanks Jess.
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