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  1. A neighbor of ours back in the early '70s had one of those. He was quite proud to inform us that the ride was so smooth, that one had been used as the official camera-car of the UK Grand National Steeplechase since the first model had come out. I have no proof to the veracity of his claim, yay or nay. (neigh?)
  2. I know a lady who has a few of those mounted to the wall in her basement.
  3. How old are you? Younger heals faster, and can "re-route" easier around damaged areas. Dark quiet places help.
  4. It could have been worse. You could have gone full Lebowski. Loving the shots of Maine. As a young boy in the '60s, the only exposure that I got of Maine was from stories in Outdoor Life or Field and Stream. Visions of woodcock, moose, canvasbacks, and seafood dance in my head.
  5. Hopefully the thread worn phrase, "like no other" is among the collateral damage of the battle. To hear that spoken is like fingernails on a blackboard to me.
  6. When was a kid, I asked my Mom if we were eccentric. She answered, "No Son,. We aren't rich enough to be eccentric, best we can hope for is eclectic."
  7. Back in the day, Aquanet got the most range of all the hairsprays we experimented with in our potato cannon. I don't really know what you can extrapolate from that though.
  8. At a second and more thorough look, it seems the TAZ will be a better fit for us as well. The toy budget just has to recover from my recent F5 purchase. Lakedude did you see the one at the dealer in CO?
  9. Top pic is, of course, the bottom of the dagger board trunk/hull joint after cleaning. Following that are "before pics". Then the "after pics" after a LOT of scrubbing with a laundry detergent, hot water, and a 3M scrub pad. Last is the only major ding in my dinghy. A picture of a dagger board trunk in "proper nick" would help a lot. It's nice to know what something is supposed to look like before you try to replicate it.
  10. Hey neighbor. I can second the dearth of sailboats in the area of all sizes. I bought a project Force 5 in Fayetteville a couple of weeks ago, and have been making good progress on getting it ship-shape. I live a bit to your West. Have you considered the Tera instead of the Taz to improve on the potential for future growth? I'm looking at those for my grandkids.
  11. I also am new to the Force 5. I purchased a "fixer-upper" two weeks ago, finally got all the crud , from sitting inverted under trees for 15 years, washed off. It's complete, but needs new woodwork and a hole patched in the port side on the chine a few feet ahead of the stern. There is also a crappy old repair to the bottom of the daggerboard trunk, where it meets the cockpit sole. I got a new sail last week from Intensity to replace the mouse eaten one. This is my first sailboat, but not my first boat by a long shot. I decided to learn to sail for my 59th birthday. Any tips or
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